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im getting burned out
how do i restore passion
take a break and go explore artstation or something
warning: might have the opposite effect and make you feel inadequate instead
Have other hobbies and a life
I look at terrible, yet popular works, and I know I can do better than that.
physical work
Then do better and get those internet points and jobs.
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im getting burned out too
my advice based on personal experience:
>take a good break (days or weeks), go outside, see friends and family
>yes, do physical work, and if possible, travel for a bit
>watch your favourite original movie/series or read your go-to novel (this restores your faith in creative content and gets you inspired)
>do some research, learn about new techniques, get into storytelling
>at this point there's something brewing in your head.. start to get visual references
>you can finally start a new personal project that you know you will enjoy
>take a good break (days or weeks)
im at the point where it would be months
get some firm super sculpey and a set of cheap sculpting tools and do that for a bit. just step away from the computer.
op here, thanks for the tips
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This is what I do when feeling burned out and can confirm it works
Just relax and listen to lofi hip hop radio.

I have a different problem than burnout. I'm getting fat as all I do when I get home is do 3D art, then sleep.
take a bike ride or a long walk
>I'm getting fat as all I do when I get home is do 3D art, then sleep
Me too. Take breaks and do some exercise, ffs.

They say going for a walk helps with creativity and problem-solving. That's what motivates me.
>They say going for a walk helps with creativity and problem-solving.
So does taking a shower and doing the dishes; boring and easy everyday tasks are good for the brain cause it allows it to wander and problem-solve on his own without conscious effort

if the idea is just to get exercise, going for a run will be better yes, but I personally don't really come up with anything creative during that because I focus on actually enjoying the scenery

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