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If this guy got the job you can too
>entire portfolio is made out of weird glossy-ceramic dolls with fucked up faces
>some exec went "fuck this looks good make a music video for us"

Modern "art" makes no sense.
Was this shit done in Poser or DAZ? Because it feels like the garbage those programs would put out.
I wonder what his porn folder looks like.
File: IMG_20180509_150958.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1043)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
do you think he looks at himself in the mirror for reference?
Am I the only one here who understands shit like this?
I mean... it's mostly sarcasm glamorised. also grossout humor.

other thing, why are you always pointing out why their number of followers?

I really don't get your point
Sorry if I sound patronizing, but you only think you understand this shit. You don't actually understand anything about it, because there is no meaning to it. It's visual masturbation for the sake of gathering attention and making bucks (and perhaps satisfying the weird fetishes of their author). Nothing else.

Even nihilism has more meaning than this.
you somehow got too different meaning from word "understand". I explained what I understand in the nexts sentence.

>making bucks
yeah, that dude was like: I'll make elongated models and get rich. not everything is started because of money either. generally people just do shit, sometimes it makes money. I don't even know if that dude makes money of this tho.

it's just grossout humor, with shiny colors. what meaning are you even talking about.
what meaning does artstation's trending section have?

my question still stands tho, why do you people even care how much followers they have?
Damn, that's fucking ugly

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