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I'm looking for a partner in Japan to sell my work on DMM.
More info: https://eroticinteractivegames.com/oij/
WARNING: Site contains (some) NSFW, adult material
What the fuck is wrong with you?
What are you doing on 4chan?
A dirty mind is a joy forever huh. Who's saying which one will engage in which activities? You're assuming mate.
You can't read?
"I'm looking for a partner in Japan to sell my work on DMM."
fuck out of here with this pedo shit, you absolute fucking waste of air
Hello Will.

I am grorious Nippon partner sell work to DMM. Untortunately he am currently in Beijing because bank of mine need money to unlock my account. Please send money to:

Account Name: Zhu Zang
Card Number: 621758 01000000000079967
Bank Address: No.34 Zhongguancun Nandajie Subbranch
Beijing China (Zip Code:100081)

I need more $50 to pay bank. After bank unlock account will partner sell work to DMM.
>I'm looking for a partner in Japan
on /3/

You aren't so much looking for a partner as trying to get around DMM pretty clearly not wanting to do business outside Japan (for obvious reasons). They're a $3.5B corporation willing and able to churn out 2D porn domestically and pay birdseed to creators for it. Looking at your site, you're demonstrating work that represents about 4 weeks' experience in DAZ Studio at best, a lack of understanding as to what style of 3D Asian characters is popular in Japan (which about 10 minutes searching on sadpanda would show you), and it's a good chance most of the content you want to make would have you arrested in your country, "mate."

I'm not telling you to stop working, but get a lot better at it first before you hope to get paid for work just because it's hentai. Best of luck and come back in about a year. And for starters, learn composition and 3 point lighting.

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