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I thought this is the place to dump it,hear me out

you know how people moan that they miss the "feel" of blockbusters or their local video store? but they dont want to patreon these places due to the ease of netflix etc?

why havent one of you cucks not just built a 3d video store? it literally would be one room in unreal 4 and wouldn't take much to make.

imagine the vr game "neon retro arcade" but instead of an 80s arcade its literally a blockbuster or somert? and depending on what movies you have on your HDD the box scans change accordingly? im sure a community would pop up around it getting hi rez scans also as they always do.

this way you can get the ease of downloadable content but the joy of browsing a store for nostalgia.

i know there is some talented anons on here so if you are reading this and struggling for an idea on what to make next keep it in mind :)
>idea guy
Kind of a lame idea anyway. It'd be a cool gimmick for a while but it'll die down quick. News will go crazy for maybe a day or two, userbase will drop dramatically in a week, and by a month it's gonna be dead.
its a niche game not a AAA online shooter anon

even if a tiny fraction of gamers buy it for the effort put in for IE 20 pounds for the game it is still a success financially.

it litterally is just a high detailed entrance and interior 1-2 rooms tops! its hardly farcry 5.

there are literally millions of people who have that nostalgia bug imo the concept is valid.
Then go make it. Easy, right?
for a game dev it would be easy,for someone whos knowledge is barely above RPG maker no
Interesting idea, my dude, but i don't think it would work very well. I suppose it could work well as a video/movie/whatever player but it would be almost impossible to detect an exact movie the person has (a small difference in the name of the movie file would mean it's a different movie).
I suppose it would work if you had a centralised database of available movies, like netflix or something, but that would be pretty hard and/or expensive to do.
Still, a nice idea.
>asking why other "cucks" have not already done my shitty dumbass bonghead idea
>remember video stores
>remember vhs
>remember renting video games
>remember rewinding tapes
>remember the 80s
>remember childhood

grow up and join the 21st century, you dork. normal people do not feel any particular nostalgic affection for this kind of bullshit. the most they experience is a passing thought of "hah, I remember that shit. kinda sucked!" then they go on netflix and pick a movie to watch and get on with their lives
>current year
>watching degenerate garbage on neo-talmudvision
you are not only ignorant but really dumb af son.

there is a market for this program,if one you guys build it ill buy it and so would 1000s of others.
My brother died of suffocation after ingesting some tangled VHS tape. I lost many friends over the 80s due to similar circumstances; some of them even choked on Betamax. I saw it happen to a guy at the park; suffice it to say, it wasn't a pretty sight.

Fuck you and your nostalgia, OP. Let the eighties and all the lives they took rest in peace.
Netflix already did this Mr. Idea guy.
this isnt for you and ill take 500 for shit that never happened
>>1000s of others
>world population is 7 billion
>netflix itself has around 125 million users

Yeah, that's a very small userbase.
im talking about a 1st person game in ue4 that simulates a local video store from the 80s

to see what im talking about imagine this shit but instead of an arcade imagine a video store with all the tropes and shit.

>but it would be almost impossible to detect an exact movie the person has
no it isn't kodi does it with a imdb ripper
OP, I had a similar idea a few months ago. I'm an Architectfag and actually have a few plans at my office for old Hollywood Video stores our firm did decades ago. I'm confident I could design and model the building and assets, and maybe even could rig all of them in unity to be an atmospheric walking simulator, but actually linking them to files is something I'm not sure how to do.

I've worked with gamedevs in the past with mixed results because most of them give up on the project, but if you're really interested, shoot me an email. homedestroya420 AT gmail DOT com
File: netflix.png (214 KB, 710x473)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
Netflix has already done something similar to what you described.
It's barebones because it was only a jam concept, but still. You're not original.

As someone with VR (Vive), I can tell you the resolution just isn't there to watch movies in any way that's more enjoyable than irl. I had even bought my Vive with the intention of sitting down in a VR theater and watching some nice movies, but the dpi just isn't there on the screen to really make it worthwhile. This goes for the Oculus as well as the Vive.

Why bother with a convoluted file picking when the end result is going to be the same, you sitting down in VR watching a movie. You're not just making a virtual space to pick movies out, you're making an entire VR player.

If you plan to hook it into a different VR player, then what's the real point of walking around picking a movie when you can pick a file to watch in a fraction of the time on the player you'd hook it into anyway.
It's a neat concept, but that's about it.
Nice shadows, Netflix.
lmao you are the dumb one. You werent wrong in saying it was literally just a room in ue. Go make it then itll take a day
its like what my local cinema adverts used to say before they went out of business 'its the experience that matters...'

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