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Anyone from here ever participate in on of these?
no, all people on this board are completely useless and can't manage to punch out anything of worth.
The trips don't fucking lie
I want to, but I kinda never started.
now on Polycount, is very awesome concepts, and I want to do that, but from what i see, no one gives a fuck there..
I'm participating.
>no one gives a fuck there
Are you kidding? Polycount is one of the biggest and oldest forums, it has professionals and amateurs in droves. Hell, its logo alone has made it into quite a few games.
I'm talking about monthly challenges.
nobody is participating now for example.. amd in last challenge were 2 people
Because it has no prize, there's no "winner", and the submission period is open-ended. The only people who really participate in those are the ones who want something to model or to get critique from other people - this isn't an artstation challenge where you get a free year of Pro and an official certificate.
ok! you convinced me even more now. I'll take part in there for sure.
I wanted to take part in this one, Max pentis's charcter is one of challenges, which I'm a fan of.
I wanted to finish character which I'm working on now, I even posted this, in challenge thread.

but now I started new character which I'm kinda doying, as.... "performance" kinda..
it's very hard to explain. but I kinda think I must do it ))

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