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Why is this kind of stylized 3D looked down upon in russia and asia?
Something about ideology, maybe. It's might be the reason why Square Enix has cute japanese games and hardcore american/european games.
consoles were banned in china from 2000-2015 across the country
It is?
I don't know about Russians, but it's just audience.
The west has a higher proportion of normies playing video games, while in the east video games seem to be more exclusive to kids, weebs, and losers.

For the west there needs to be something in-between chad's FIFA and Gran Turismo, and neckbeard's RPGs.
>For the west there needs to be something in-between chad's FIFA and Gran Turismo, and neckbeard's RPGs.
yeah that's what I was referring to.
didnt seem that way lad
But OP was refering more to Asia than China itself, though that fact does add to how our american cartoons are looked down upon in chin land.
slav here

i will try to be as simple as possible.

slavs prefer observe reality to dreams. and anything that stretches too far from reality is treated as a kiddie shit. explaining why is that in details is not possible due to my limited english.
Don't worry, I get it. I had comparable experience with Russians. These people are deeply grounded in reality...also deeply cynical.
What about S. T. A. L. K. E. R. then?
stalker is a very aesthetically relatable experience for anyone over an age of 20. environments are literally a museum of how we lived 10-20 years ago if you pretend that commie blocks in the game aren't empty. some places around ex-ussr still look like stalker levels even today.
general feel of the game is very russian / ukrainian too. you are in the world full of hazard, bad people, conspiracy and powers greater than you. you need to fight your way through, meet right people and join right groups. everything you do is illegal, you create nothing, but take what is created by the zone and fight with other people over control of it.

this sounds like a general guide to "how to become successful in ex-ussr"

slavs also love gothic and witcher because of similar reasons. they are grounded and cynical.
>slavs prefer observe reality to dreams

so they dont game, then?
stalker is a simulation so it doesn't count as a game.
a simulation with giant pig mutants sounds very realistic, about as realistic as resident evil
you have an extremely shallow perception of things, my dude
youtube "stalker enemies" and you get shitloads of pigs and other mutants right off the bat

these dont exist irl. therefore, the game isnt realistic its just some old, ugly sad nuclear style like fallout series
whatever you say, kid. not arguing about stalker on a 3d board.
take your trolling b2 polycount

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