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I just started working in cinema4d, Been looking at some old CGI cartoons for inspirations. Find WarPlanets(ShadowRaiders) and am obsessed with this texture on the badguys. It's like red glass filled with outerspace. The outerrspace part appears to be a camera projected texture, and it maybe appears that they have a red light that sines only on them, I'm having a lot of difficulty figuring out the effect, The most interesting part is the faces, which are a skull floating inside the red glass, that appears to have an animated texture that has VHS tracking lines in it.

I want to recreate this effect in Blender or C4D (but i dont really know about using the node editor for textures yet).
Unfortunately I'm about as inexperienced as you when it comes to these sorts of things, but you might want to look into something called Facing Ratio (or Incidence) for the red tint effect. Of course, I'm basing this only off of the picture, I have a feeling it looks way different in motion.

You'll get more responses if you post in the question thread, though: >>614406
alright, so the red "light" just looks like it would be a fresnel node controlling a mix shader between the glass and an emissive shader.
as for making the glass with the stars, the only way I can think of is to make the background of your scene (or like a sphere around the characters) an hdr of stars in space. then you turn off the background's visibility to the camera, so you can only see the refraction of the texture through the glass.
these are instructions based off of blender but it should be the same-ish everywhere.
note: if you're doing individual spheres around the characters, you should also turn off shadows, diffuse, and reflection as well. the material for the sphere should just be an emissive shader with the texture plugged into the color
This is what I managed to make after about 10 minutes in Blender
File: screen.png (93 KB, 1050x621)
93 KB
Here is the node tree

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