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Has anyone been able to get functional models into Maya?
I've tried OWorkBench and a python script to import them but nothing for intact rig and UVs. I don't mind doing a bit of clean up and then setting up the controllers for the rig to begin animating but I can't even get them in Maya in the first place.

I'm sick of the poor shlock that's made in SFM.
Not sure if it's changed by last year I was able to get models ripped with UVs using Overtool.

Could also rip maps with it, but rigging didn't work.
File: 03b.jpg (135 KB, 1280x508)
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I 'think' I have them ripped already.
For example;
Maya Projects\Rips\OW\Heroes\Doomfist\Skins\Standard\Common\Classic\Models\000000004B9C.00C (000000004B9C.owmdl)
I was only able to get this into maya once. When I did there were no UVs and not even a default material, just green so not even a lambert. No skeleton either.

This was ripped with the latest OWorkBench update and the OWMImporter.py script for Maya.
I think it's the script that's spoiling any successful imports, but I don't know for certain if the ripped model was even successful with everything attached. It looks like it's the raw file since it's straight from the game files though.

Like I'm starting to get desperate and just take some poorly jigged up XNLara or Gmod thing and dissect it for a poor mans version of the characters at this point, I REALLY want to animate a short while I got some free time.

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