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File: 3FC.png (423 KB, 844x646)
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423 KB PNG
Yo /3/ a few weeks ago we had a thread about going back in the 4 CC, a tournament of virtual soccer between 4chan boards. /3/ is competing after two years inactive and will have a play a qualifiying round today, in a few hours:

Here's the schedule:

5:40 PM UTC: /aco/
6:20 PM UTC: /gif/
7:40 PM UTC: /bant/

We will be able to compete in the main cup if we avoid last place in the group.

May we play some good games!

Team page and stream link: https://pastebin.com/VTSScVxW
File: 15265663.jpg (37 KB, 598x597)
37 KB
>playing sportsball
File: 3 kickoff.png (1.31 MB, 1915x1052)
1.31 MB
1.31 MB PNG
Also here's the rundown of how the poll went since the previous thread got deleted

Unity Engine
Unreal Engine 4
Chromatic Aberration
Depth of Field

Pls Give Me a Job
The Guru
Utah Teapot
Baby's First Donut

Gold: >Blender
Silver: Utah Teapot, Jiggle Physics
Bronze: WIP, Low Poly

Utah Teapot got the nod over Suzanne in a close vote, so Suzanne will be the face of >Blender

Blender kits will be the home kits, followed by Alias Maya, 3DSMax and Zbrush in that order

Voted tactics are balanced 4-4-2
Awesome, I hope we make it
Purple arrows are bad right?
History of /3/ FC:
>Debuted in Spring 2012
>Finished runners-up, losing the final 4-2 to /m/
>Has been shit ever since
>Died in Autumn 2015
>Revived in Spring 2018
Yeah, but that's just their mood. They don't usually play worse, but they do tire a bit more quickly.
Nice team composition
>that WIP blender
I haven't laughed this hard in a while, thank you
>board about blender finally, FINALLY gets godly blenders
I love you /3/
This song is awesome
Hell yeah
Please win the cup, /3/
Game 2 is up against /gif/
Victory! We're through to the main cup!
So /3/ is qualified? Awesome
Yeah, here's the group's table:
I hope we can beat /bant/ just for the sake of it
Yup, which means 4 more games at least.
Draw for the babby proper is tomorrow evening

It's fun, shame that Jiggle's jiggling isn't showing much
Last game up now! Vs /bant/
This was great. I hope we do well in the big cup.
Can't wait
And that's a nine point master race for /3/, congrats lads.
3 wins for /3/ lads
File: itFDBax_d(2).jpg (36 KB, 640x490)
36 KB
Small heads up, next game will be against /out/ this the 6th of April (Sunday) at 5PM UTC
2nd match of the babby against fellow autopilot /soc/ coming up.
I hope we score today
This is disappointing
/v/ here, get your shit together you can't loose against fucking /soc/!
That was bad.
Third match is against /r9k/ on Sunday, then /f/ next Saturday. Two wins needed to have much real hope of advancing.
We'll be playing after this match. Basically need /out/ to win by 1 or 2 goals and then beat /f/ to advance.
fug, best that can be done now is spoiling /f/
Holy shit /3/, you're fucking raping them.
The unfortunate thing about it is that we could've advanced had /r9k/ lost

Well it was still a decent 4-2-1 run, there's always Autumn. Reminder that /3/ can continue as autopilot, but if someones wants to step in[spoiler]to the PES meatgrinder[/spoiler] that's also a possibility

[spoiler]Because of technological restrictions, all models were made in Blender, sorry Autofags[/spoiler]

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