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Programmer here, I wanted to create a game in the Unreal engine for a long time, got some ideas but the problem is that I know jack shit about neither 2D art except from Photoshop or 3D modelling/rigging/animating pipeline.

I may be able to model furniture,buildings and rough objects in Blender but I won't be able to do a human character.

Realistically, I don't expect that anyone would work for free, so how much money would a 3D artist ask to make an on-demand humanoid 3D model and rig it as well?

Not expecting AAA studio model quality here, probably something that would look passable on PS2 but with HD textures would be ok.
1) Search for free ones, use them as stand-ins
2) focus on prototyping your game, totally not on graphics
3) you can buy finished assets of all kinds in assets stores like Unreal's own, turbosquid, cgtrader etc..
which is cheaper than paying Artists to create original ones.
4) the amount of money the artist takes is negotiable and depending on too many factors to calculate here from nothing concrete.
lots of quality free assets out there if u only wanted to make mock ups
* protip: you can switch these with real assets later
Good idea. So put stock assets just to make the concept of the game up and then advertise it for people who might be interested to invest time on it?
You're using Unreal Engine my guy, they just dumped so many free paragon assests since they''re shutting it down, you can add any of them you want to your projects for free, they have characters full, models,animations,etc...
use as stand ins as you go on with making your games, and learn 3d as you go and make your own models if you like, or eventually just hire others. 3d modeling can be fun though should you can consider doing it on your own
Don't even bother asking that question if you didn't even start anything. That said, show us what you got and doors may be open.
Or to find an investor, build a brand, produce the final version, market it, reap rewards.

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