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Whats the point to have every joint with a good/perfect orientation? My point is, even if you want to fold a certain part of the body, for example the elbow or knee, you can do this moving X,Y,Z all together, to get where you want, to do
the pose you want with it.

In animation, no one animates using only one axis, the one that is align correct with
that part of the body you want to animate. So, whats the point? Is it just for the looks,
to make the rig looks nice and beautiful?

World Orientation for example, works fine to pose and rotate the joints. If its a Gimbal
lock problem, we have tools like Euler Filter to fix it. Or we fix by hand. Not big deal..

So, what i'm not seeing and understanding here?

Working with joints seens to be so delicated. "Dont translate", "Dont do wrong orientation",
"Move it holding D, in Component Mode, so you wont mess with the orientation."

What if i have a good oriented joints, but uses a World Orientation in my Controllers?
Isn't that still all right if i want to?

Joints seens to be a mystery to work with.
gamble luck, my friendo

People don't always use all axis when animating.
You rotate bones mostly in local, and not world/global axis.

Gimbal lock is not a problem, because people don't really use gimbal.

you set good joint orientation because most animators are gonna use one or two local axis, and it makes sense to have the same axis as a default for all your e.g. extensions.

You can select multiple bones and rotate them all at the same time with one control, and it all looks good because every bone rotates on its local axis.

scaling is also done on local orientations.

and moving joints is quicker when you only move on one local axis e.g. face rigs

So to answer your questions with one sentence: you mostly animate with local orientations, and not world/global ones.

animating with world axis is pretty much only going to be done with the root bone.
fully rig character with controlls and you'll understand. )

Hmm i'm starting to get it.

you think joints are a mystery now? wait until you get rigs don't even scale linearly with your model, and its been imported at the wrong scale. try and deal with that shit.
This. This is true hell.
You mean non scalable rigs? That's simple to fix with a couple of groups in the outliner

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