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Did i do good /3/?
Nice stuff, but i think their hands could be bigger or something.
What is this supposed to be? Highpoly character for pretty image rendering? Lowpoly game character?
In any case, big head and shoulders make this guy look disproportional, especially considering that torso is much longer than it should be. Needs longer legs in this case. I would also spread the legs a bit to make the stance more solid and stable.
Low polygon amount of the helmet is sticking out due to it being bright on the dark background.
As for rendering - consider adding a dimmer light in the back or to the side, maybe in a slightly different shade. Would make the silhouette stand out more.
at this point i think your just trolling. every time you post this retarded thread we tell you to put more lights. and you dont.

come back once you know what an actual point light is deary.
Fucking geez dude, chill out. OP's probably somewhat new to this, as this isnt the best, but it isnt horrible either. The lighting is a bit off, but it shows the character well enough to see (if you cant see it, change your brightness/contrast or get a new monitor). Plus, the darkness isnt even that bad as it contrasts the metallic material. Pull the stick out of your ass and give some constructive criticism, why dont you? I dont think OP came here to show off his expert use of blender, and it's nice to see something at least moderately decent that isnt zbrush. If you want to know what a good post looks like, look at >>618936
Yeah sure, i will increase brightness and contrast on my monitor because this dumbass "artist" is to stupid or to cowardly to put some lights into his scene.
Are you fucking retarded?
Also fuck off with your constructive criticism PC bullshit.
Nice for Tron
If you don't want to take that stick out of your ass, /lgbt/ might be the place for you. I suppose you're a master of 3D design using any software, but others aren't. Art isn't easy to receive criticism for, as it is either that the work is perfect or that it's complete trash (you). It could be that it doesn't fit your beauty standard, but everyone likes different things. Also, you use retard a bit too much. This may be something you've heard before but please, review a dictionary, it might help.
>Art isn't easy to receive criticism for
Its also nothing you are entitled to.
If you can't endure criticism, maybe you should do something else instead.
This has nothing to do with personal taste or beauty standard. OP presents his work in a terrible and wrong way, was informed about his errors and is still doing it.
See >>618944
Trying to circumvent criticism by not revealing the model and shrouding it in darkness....
Which is a typical beginner error, can be seen through from a mile away and is just eye rolling stupid for anybody with a working brain.
He then has the audacity to ask if his noobish work is actually good.

Now back to you:
You are obviously gay, whiny and passive aggressive in a total douche way. Go choke on a dick or die slowly in a ditch.

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