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>Blender devs say game engine was too confusing to edit and internal is beyond obsolete

internal a shit anyway

Eevee's meant to be somewhat of its replacement (not-raytraced renders that don't take forever, etc.)

And it's been quite clear the Blender Shitlords gave up on the game engine for a long fucking time now, why do you think nothing significant's been done on it in 4-5 years? The last notable project I can think of on the game engine is probably that weird Sintel game.

Face it and embrace it, things change.
BGE was a cool concept with the whole ability to edit any aspect of the world and assets on the fly, but then UE4 and Unity snuck up with

-better support
-more flexible performance (BGE was slow as snail sperm even in an empty scene)
-one less middleman to work over when making assets in industry standard packages
-non-freetard marketplaces so us here can actually make some money for our work

Could have been better. Some avante garde indie dev might make something with it down the line when it becomes "retro"
The internal engine is good for simple/quick renders (usually things dealing with photos or videos). I'm still going to use it sometimes even if it's removed.
if that's true then they will have to scrap texture paint too, because all the special textures modes can only be done in internal
They'll probably port the modes to Eevee/Cycles. No reason for them to drop one of Blender's most prominent assets. Then again, fuck knows what the development cycle's like.
Internal is actually good as a lightweight npr renderer.
Yeah but evee is kind of it's replacement right? faster, better graphics, Im pretty sure that for npr it will work as well
It's also good for npr renders too.

Here's hoping Cycles can at least pick up the slack and make a more robust toon/npr nodeset in the absence of Internal.

I'd like Eevee as a lesser version of Cycles.

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