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File: Awful Foliage.png (1.47 MB, 1127x598)
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Why is my foliage so awful? I am trying to make a mountain road as a race course, and because of the length I need to have many foliage objects. Does anyone know how I can make quality foliage and leaves while maintaining performance?
File: SlideNormalThief[1].jpg (215 KB, 500x500)
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Okay, so from your screenshot I'd say your problems are as follows:

>your foliage planes are orientated in a way that they are almost directly aimed at the camera (especially visible with the trees on the right). Bend them downwards more.

More importantly however is your vertex normals, which you should adjust. Take a look at pic related and this link:

The examples are more cartoony trees, but the same method still holds true. You'll want to bend your vertex normals. If you're in max there's a plugin for it called noors normalthief, I think Maya supports this out of the box. Not sure about other programs.
Lot of stuff here
Both of these were useful. Thanks. Any other tips or general criticism of what I have going here? I am trying to make it look presentable / sellable.

I can't see very well, but in the background I noticed it looks like the leaves edges have white fringes which is an issue with image transparency. Use either Xnormal's "Dilation" or this plugin if that is your issue https://docs.unity3d.com/462/Documentation/Manual/HOWTO-alphamaps.html

The bush to the right I think is a matter of your Alphatest threshold set wrong and you are getting floating leaves and the branch is culled out into transparency. Other than that, there are not too many other things i can point out other than the crossing pattern of the planes looking a bit rigid (Id say mabey rotate or scatter them slightly better since i see repeating X patterns and you want a more random look), but yeah do study those guides.

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