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how comfortable are you guys with IK rigging? do you make the bone placements yourself or use automated components?

i know this is mostly a question for myself, but i do wanna discussion rigging too. in maya, is there a way to set up multiple IK rigs for one model? like one where the pelvis is the root for all the handles and then the head is for another, so that you can move stuff like thighs or shins on a character and have the spine move accordingly?

basically you have your normal IK rig, but then if you pose the legs all handling stops at the pelvis, but what if you want to make it extend to the spine so that if you behind the legs past rotation limits of the hips it starts to solve the spine joints? is this a thing that can be done on one ik system?
Rigging without some sort of scripting is a massive waste of time. Write your own if you feel like it, or use frameworks. I'm enjoying mGear right now.

I'm sure the type of rig you're imaging is possible, basically what you want to do is add an extra IK system from the shoulders down to the leg which moves the pelvis controller whenever the leg is stretched far enough.
pretty much yeah. i just didn't know if there was an efficient way to make it selectable, or if you had to just go into the node hierarchy.
Not answering your specific question, but as far as rigging goes, I just use https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6UzWvac5KU
I like having both fk and ik and all those complex (to me, not you guys, chill out) with essentially one click

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