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who works on architectural renderings? architects? 3D artists? both? how do I land a job like that with no architectural experience? what tools are required? 3DS Max?

Anyone who works in this field browsing /3 by any chance?
Google Sketchup is a great tool to start with. Not even trolling.
dont bother with sketchup, only lowend pajeets force it, might be fine for rectilinear stuff but what you really want is to get good with 3ds max, watch basic stuff and then start watching some channels like arrimus3d on yt and you wiill start understanding it more and more, in the mean time decide on a renderer and get good with materials...
Finally, photoshop for postproduction and later you will get to stuff like ae and nuke etc.
Start with small projects
no to sketchup - it will work against you in the long run. learn 3ds max- vray and or corona. do YT tutorials, download architectural plans and practice.
Just the thread I was looking for.

>may not belong on this board for saying this but
I don't actually want a job, archviz would be just a fun outlet for me.

Where would one get some better rendering engine for free just to goof around? For 3ds specifically.

I just wanna re-create ancient roman monuments and then move on to more recent stuff.

Also, are there any reliable plans for stuff the romans built?
>pic somewhat related
>Where would one get some better rendering engine for free just to goof around?
3delight. Renderman-compliant, free for commercial use.
Architect here. Rendering for hire is a crowded field. My firm has never hired subs for visualization, and I still a ton of calls from people trying to sell me on their company.

To reiterate what >>618360 said, materials and postproduction are your most important skills. Buildings, even Frank Gehry buildings, just aren't that complex as objects. The challange is making the materials look accurate, natural, and aesthetic in a variety of lighting situations.
also Architect here, can confirm this. Photoshop is your most important tool in Archviz.
Landed a internship in London, hard to hat by with the pay but manageable with the idea that i will have experience after this. Got hired from university at the end of my year when a rep came to the uni
A struggle with 3D artist in the field i that they need to get a degree in arch in order to apply for most job positions (unless you can dmoothtalk your way through networking. OP I would look into firms with dedicated 3D departments, some smarter companies open branches that take in work from other companies in order to provide an added revenue stream. Also having a portfolio of renerings and vizualitions of buildings is a must. Hope this info hels.

T. arch student trying to find a job in 3D
Continuation from this post. Here is an example of an arch firm in London with a dedicated 3d branch (wonder if that london Anon knows them)

You're an architect- how can you speak for arch viz? photoshop is more important for concept design in architect studios but in arch viz studios rendering is way more important. you should strive to get as close to final in the frame buffer and minimal tweaks in post. is way more efficient considering you have many jobs going at once and the likely-hood of further changes.
Not true, my company does about 60% Photoshop post work and 40% 3d, the render look okay, but extremely 3d. We usaly spend 2 days on 3d then 3-4 days on Photoshop depending on the image, aerial shots take a bit longer in 3d. I would post examples but NDA and I like my job.
Archfag here, the field is saturated with pajeets.

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