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R.I.P. Ronald Lee Ermey.

File: black-stallion-rearing.jpg (110 KB, 1024x768)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
How big is the 3d horseporn market, really?
Stallions on women is taken, but feel free to make so human on mares.
Or go for /mlp/ money
That's not how porn works, there's no "saturation" there's just grades of quality.
You can stand out a bit though if you spice it up, like there's not hardly any horses being dominated / topped hard
How about horse porn with one horse, but he has 2 heads and three tentacle dicks and he is fucking himself in his ass and vagina, while using one head to suck the third dick, and the other head is horse moaning
If it's as big as the 2d market you're set.
A colleague of mine quit his job because he made twice the money by selling mlp commissions to perverts. These guys are loaded for some reason.
Oh man, we got an inovator overe here. Goddamn horse femdom, im gona be rich
Nobody's doing 3D horse related CBT/BB, pegging, etc though there's quite a bit of futa "docking" for some reason (I feel like stuntmanlopez is to blame)

If you don't know what those terms mean, I urge you not to google them unless you're a massive pervert.
File: barf.jpg (55 KB, 452x321)
55 KB
>this thread
20 bucks are 20 bucks, son.
realistic 3d mares are an untapped market
same with furries. They get good jobs, don't get married, and don't have children, no shit they have money to spend on their fap material.
>They get good jobs
What does this have to do with being a furry?

t. Normalfag
pros of being autistic
Far Cry 5 literately did cattle fucking, so it would not be surprising if feral and beastiality 3D will become the norm.

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