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the faster you break free from your cucking payed software and join the free opensoftware mater race the faster your life will change for the BETTER!
the future is now and its up to you.
Fuck off you shill. Our studio pays for the support...support that blender foundation can't provide. Not in the slightest.

Also, your plugins suck. You are whiny plebs and nobody fucking cares. Blendlets.
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Autodesk may be a monolithic behemoth too big for its own good, but

1. its support is fast and efficient
2. product documentation is excellent for 25+ years

I simply don't have time to search forum posts for days or skim videos for useful info.
I have to disagree.

I called them about my old alias/wavefront version of Maya and they claimed that my serial number wasn't valid. It's on the actual fucking folder that holds all the disks. Then I explained to them that it's an Alias/Wavefront product before they were bought by autodesk. So they ask me for my email and claim my email isn't a real email address. Is the same email I have an account with then for. Then they proceeded to try and sell me their new software. I politely hung up and finally dug up my old dat file. It works fine now, no thanks to them.

The also ruined xsi. Just killed it because it's better than anything they have. That move pissed off a lot of high profile studios. And that isn't the only software they killed off. At least adobe offered versions to replace the ones you can't even register anymore.
1. the first is a non-problem, you can't expect support for old software or even software that had a different publisher.
2. the XSI thing is the only thing that irritates me to this day. A damn shame.

I'm not moving away from 3ds and Maya myself. Autodesk may be shit, but I take this shit over the other shit.

Well, I'm out before this derails completely.
But I need to work...
I don't completely agree though. The software was and is still called maya. Also, they have taken people to court for buying old alias wavefront copies of maya. So we don't support it anymore unless we can somehow sue you for using it.

They have offered support for alias stuff as recent as 2016. I know this for a fact because I know someone that actually got help from them.

They simply are a bunch of extortionist mob mentality shit heads. I love their software though.

Autodesk support is great. Hell they even help free student version users and pirates. The donut foundation on the other hand doesn't offer support at all.

Besides, Blender sucks. I'd rather use real software that allow me to get an job and freelance, instead of a software that only allows me to freelance.
File: 1495018264-ddnvash2.png (25 KB, 136x102)
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Sure thing dude, I'll leave photoshop for gimp and maya for blender. There's a bright future ahead of me.
>photoshop for gimp
even in free software world "gimp" is synonymous to "trash" tho
>an job
Sure thing, Rajesh

It's called a typo fucking faggot
>typo fucking faggot
Is that your national tradition or something?

I'll pray to Krishna tonight, I'll ask her to drown you in the gange.
Are you dumb?

Butthurt Gimplet detected. Gimp is absolute trash. And this comes from a guy who likes most open source software.
I ride on libre software like I ride on your sister and I, too, believe that GIMP belongs in the trash.

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