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Can i please get people's honest opinion on the quality of this. I picked up 3D when i was in school but havent done anything since. Thinking about getting back into it.

looks like a very polished psp/wii game, which is good because i dig this style
Looks like a cutscene from a PSX game.
Needs some background massing behind the main buildings, at the moment its obvious that you only have a few buildings in the middle of a flat plane.

Also the camera pan with the speed-up and slow-down feels very amateur, try keeping it at a constant speed, making it about half the speed, and fade in/out from black instead. Try to mimic the movements that a physical camera would (ie. on a dolly on tracks on the ground, so keep it at a consistent height and think about composition). Look at how shots are composed for film and try to follow those principles, it can make a huge difference in how people perceive the quality of your work.

As for modelling and lighting and textures it all looks fine, I like your artstyle. Would be nice with some more movement in the scene, maybe some moving stuff in the wind, maybe some people/animals, maybe rising steam from sewer vents etc.
nice, I love subjectivly everything that is urban and uses such neon-lightbulb illumination to fill the city's brightness. Colorful/beautful
Great advice,thank you

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