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i have an assigment in my 3d class, to do a ship, train and axe in 3d maya. im total noob and never touched the program , in how much time i could realisticaly do this if i put my mind to it? im talking like 3days? is it possible? i have some tutorial book for this, but my classmates told me they had a hard time with this
how would you even get such an assignment before your teachers even explained you the basic navigation and modelling techniques in application? ?? ????
get some primitives, slap them on top of each other so that they roughly look like that stuff and shove them in your teachers faces because whatever those fags are at that's the result of their """""""""teaching""""""""" and they should be ashamed of themselves
>the absolute state of formal 3D training
This, what the fuck. I mean, what amount of detail are we talking about anyway? Is it stylized or photorealistic? 3 days would probably barely be enough for an axe. Unless your teacher is like mine who wanted us to do a spaceship as one of the first assignments, but his example of that spaceship turned out to be a literal box with 2 cylinders.
I'm guessing you're in either:
A: in a for profit university like full sail
B: have a bad fucking teacher
C: both

For profit universities try to squeeze all you out of all your fucking money and be hard as possible but not to the point where you fail.
>but his example of that spaceship turned out to be a literal box with 2 cylinders.
probably the most close to reality spaceship desu
If you had to do just one wagon, and the ship didn't have anything on-deck like cannons, boxes, etc., and if you baked all the lighting and just multiplied some basic textures on top... you could get it done in three days. I imagine the axe would be extremely quick and only take you a few minutes, for instance.

If you have to embellish everything with doodads and do hipoly bakes and get all your fancy maps, then texture everything as if it was going into a movie, then you're probably looking at a significantly higher production time on that.

If your teacher only gave you three days to do this, you can be fairly sure that it's a "you tried" exercise meant to gauge the skill level of the class so he has a point of reference on where to start. You're not meant to finish everything, you're just meant to go as far as you can. That's the only way it would make sense to me, at least.
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it has to be like this in my picture, yeah the teacher sucks, but its more like a side quest class in my college. And its not one of these ''you tried'' assigments, you have to fully execute these three models, and then im gonna have an exam where i would need to do some random model in class setting. thanks for replys guys
Sculpt them, anyone can do that.
but that's not hard, at least the way i see it.
can you sculpt with maya
Use something like sculptris and then just import them to Maya.
the thing is , i have to learn how to do it in maya, because then i will have exam in it, cheating is pointless , but i would love to
right, this mesh is just a combination of barely altered basic primitives, mostly cylinders and cubes(youre going to use cylinders and cubes ALOT).
just bash cubes and cylinders on top of each other, dont bother to connect them together
I think they don't expect more effort from you

you can quickly create poly primitives if you shift+rightclick hold anywhere in the viewport
basic camera controls:
alt+LEFT click drag orbits your camera around special point in space
alt+RIGHT CLICK drag zooms the camera in and out(also mouse wheel)
alt+MIDDLE CLICK drag PANS the camera(and that special point you orbit around too)
you can change that point in space to the area of interest by pressing F to frame. basically if you select a primitive and F, you will center that point on this primitive.
if you lost or stuck in weird view angles just deselect anything and F to frame 0.0.0 point or press A to frame all objects.
Q to just select
W to move
E to rotate
R to scale
if you have anything selected you will have gizmos appear, you can just drag on these color-coded for convenience(green, red, blue correspond with three dimensional axes)
quick space tap will bring up 4 viewports, top, perspective, front and side view
if you hover a mouse over one of those viewports and quickly tap space again you will enlarge it. top, front and side are orthographic views so you will be able to only zoom and pan around, but not orbit.
select model and right click to bring up components you can choose vertex and the primitive will show all verts which you can then select and change with WER
dragging verts around should suffice for slightly more complex shit like chimneys
you can snap verts to other verts even if they dont belong to that model, simply select the vert, move it(usually the best is to constrain it in one axis, it will highlight in yellow) a bit and then press V and middle mouse drag over the vert you want selected vert to snap to.
you can also duplicate your shit with ctrl+D
thanks dude :) appreciate it
Oh, if it's just the untextured meshes, then yeah it's easily doable in like a day. That being said, I can't help but to think that your teacher is fucking with your or something by providing a tiny, grainy render as a reference image.
get a blueprint / different angled views of the things you're gonna model, put them in Maya as image planes, and use them as a scale reference for modelling

like a side, front, top view

better than winging it
its not that hard considering these shapes are so simple

literally grab the basic primitives and rescale/reorient them and shove them into each other
Pretty easy to do. Could do that in about 3 hours.

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