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File: FIGURE-012468_05.jpg (65 KB, 534x800)
65 KB
It's the part I'm finding the most dificult, I don't know if it's how I'm doing but I can't even block something that looks good.

I want to do something like pic related, if someone have a guide/book/video on this I'll be grateful
Start here
File: pieces.jpg (325 KB, 537x800)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
There is no secret. The hair is, very likely, done with SK_hair or a similar brush in zBrush.

- Green part is the scalp that's extruded off of the existing skull shape or made out of a simple sphere.

- Red parts up front are made by creating and placing each strand individually with the aforementioned brush. You get them into place with Move Topological, smooth directional, translation tools. Then you sharpen the tips with the scale tool, and dynamesh everything together at a decent resolution to avoid loss of detail between strands (this is only really necessary if you're going to 3D print it).

- Blue parts are made with, again, the same hair tool, and Move Elastic to get the desired, elongated shape. You then zRemesh them into a more agreeable, less stretched-out topology and sharpen the tips at the end. Then you dynamesh the scalp and these longer strands together and adjust the shape at the nape and back of the skull with smooth and move tools to make sure it looks smooth and flowy like hair.

It looks hard but you're probably looking at it like some monolithical thing when you should be breaking it down into pieces instead. Check Sasaki's book that's been floating around /3/ lately (scour the really old anime thread with the VRchat models in the OP for it), it has a section that covers specifically this.
Whoops, just realized f.lux fucked with my perception of colors. Dark green is the scalp and army green is the bigger strands.

I looked at the book and realized I was trying to take shortcuts in the process. instead of adjusting each strand of hair. I'll try it out, thanks anon
There is only one kind of green in that image
his brain is broken, be nice
File: hair sculpt.jpg (87 KB, 898x872)
87 KB
I usually just sculpt hair with the muscle #2 tool in 3Dcoat, because I'm human garbage.
Garbage or not, it looks decent.
keep doing it.
I tried that, but since the muscle attaches to surface I couldn't make e.g. twintails you got, because they would just stick to neck when using the tool from back view.
Did you make a basic shape, and cover it with muscle tool instead?

I fond the spike tool with custom profile to work really well, but the bottom (where hair touches head) always needed a lot of cleanup.

For the twin tails I start by using the Spike tool to make a skeleton for the tail then I apply the muscles over top of it. The tails are on a separate layer than the hair base. In fact I will often make the bangs on a separate layer too when I make the rest of the hair base and merge them together when I'm done.
Do you then hide everything so the muscle tool doesn't stick to anything else?
I regret making my hair as just one blob, but I tried to do it with curves and I gave up. I ended up making terrible temporary hair, just to finish a character, and I'm going to need all hair information I can get to make something better later.

Yes I would hide and unhide layers as needed so stuff would just stick where I needed it to. Definitely don't tackle your hair all in one piece. Make it modular and then merge what you need to when you retopo.
ok, thanks. Do you have any general tips on how to smooth/polish without loosing volume?
I found toes to be the hardest to work on, because unlike fingers, they are very close to each other. For some reason, whenever I hid some toes and worked on one at the time, after unhiding, I would get ugly creases, in-between toes, same with freezing, so maybe it was a bug on that part, I don't know. If I worked on them without hiding, or freezing I would end up melting and merging them together. I'm asking here, because I find it hard to find a fellow 3d-coat sculptor.

I usually go over the final sculpt carefully with the fill brush when I'm done to soften things out without losing volume.

I've also discovered that the less detail you put into the texture maps when you do your textures the better it is for the look of the hair. I used to make the texture maps highly detailed with lots of strand variation and detail and it never looked right, then I realized I was putting too much detail into a toon model when less is what actually works for making it look more toon like.
I get what you mean, Realistic hair just doesn't look good on anime characters.
File: laineCLEAN.png (230 KB, 585x846)
230 KB
230 KB PNG
i actually used that exact image as reference for my first humanoid sculpt ever like 2-3 weeks ago, pic related

im still learning but if i were to improve on the hair i would really work on the quality of the chunks then just dupe and move them around as needed. i learned about the orb crack brush a week or so ago and it really lets you control how sharp the strands can look and its also a great brush to create the look that the hair overlaps and has creases. currently its just just several large chunks since i couldnt figure out how to make good looking creases but now i have the orb crack brush
File: witch_2018_04_05_1.webm (2.79 MB, 600x1080)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
I like to use curves, it gives a very clean looking result. The technique I use is similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3e0oqgjI6bM
(I assume you can do something similar in any 3D modeling tool)
A goblin waifu?
The face is elvish thou, opposite to other anon who made an elf look like a goblin.
>A goblin waifu?
My elves will have sharper and slimmer features, also she has small fangs, but those are only visible when she smiles.
you mean tusks like orcs, or actual fangs like vampires?
Do you just make models, or you are going to make animations, or a game?
File: witch_2018_04_14_4.jpg (381 KB, 1910x1046)
381 KB
381 KB JPG
I guess similar to orcs but not always showing.
It's a porn game:
Holding hands is a fetish

>Holding hands is a fetish
It's one of the most lewd things ever.

But to get back on topic a more close up view of the hair done with curves, one of the nice things is how you can twist the curves easily to make it more interesting.
>>Holding hands is a fetish
>It's one of the most lewd things ever.
This. On one occasion, walking around the city with this petite brunette qtπ, she suddenly decided to hold my hand. I twitched: we were in public, people around could see us! I wasn't in for that shit, and immediately, without saying a word, I took my hand off under hers and put it in my pocket.

I tried to hide it but she certainly noticed -- I was a bit disgusted by such a lewd act. She seemed to be this nice, respectable girl (though, granted, she was a bit "imaginative" in the bedroom, if you know what I mean), and there she was, acting like an unrestrained thot in public. Shame.

We weren't together for much longer after that.
Damn women are such whores, no wonder mgtow is a thing.

How do porn games even get published? It's not like you can release it on steam, unless you putt all the porn content in a separate patch or something.
Or is it just Patreon thing? Doesn't patreon try to gradually get rid of all their nsfw content?

If that's the result you go for, wouldn't it be easier to just model the hair with planes, and not sculpt with curves?
give her another shot
It's really sad how many girls display such behaviour in public.

>How do porn games even get published
Itch is fine with it. And yeah the porn patch is a common option for steam.
Patreon went after games with incest, bestiality, rape and similar stuff which is just illegal in many places and most likely very difficult to deal with because of that.
>wouldn't it be easier to just model the hair with plane
Nah, it's really fast to do with curves in blender, you predefine the curves shape (how it tapers and what its crossection looks like) and then you just draw a single line for each hair strand and tweak it a bit.
>Patreon went after games with incest, bestiality, rape and similar stuff
I thought they were just banning everything, because I know that they are not ok with e.g. minotaurs.
>it's really fast to do with curves in blender
so do you then convert curves into mesh and retopologize, or is there some magical way to get a lower res mesh out of curves?

dude, once a girl becomes a whore, she will always be tainted. I know it's a great fantasy to think that you can change her, and make her pure, but it's not real, just a fantasy.
>convert curves into mesh and retopologize
That's what I'm doing. Still faster than modeling them by hand. (Just to be clear I convert the curves to mesh and remove the edge loops I don't need).
put the model into A pose. Just realized its not really for better shoulder armpit sculpt but to prevent gimbal lock when rotating the arms.

Too tall for a goblin. looks like a curve green elf mage. Possibly a level in pirate?
File: witch_goblin_2018_04_17_1.jpg (331 KB, 1910x1046)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
I think she is small enough in comparison to the other characters.
I prefer to sculpt in T pose and I don't understand how there could be a gimbal lock, all rotations are done with quaternions anyway.
>gimbal lock in 2018
Size difference lover here, that image is kinda cute.
Althou normally when people make smaller characters they skill keep size of heads the same and just work the proportions from there, unless you go for some really small creatures. I didn't expect her head to be so much smaller than humans, but the fun part about creating your own world is making your won rules.
Still using Maya 2013. does Maya 2018 not have that problem?
Does Maya 2013 not have option to set bones to quaternion rotations?
Even Blender has that, and you can even animate by switching between gimbal and quarternion if you really wanted to.
xgen lets you make cards from curves so there's no need for retopo.
ok, so it's like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn7mISvVzJk
Useful add-on for blender
File: cap.jpg (113 KB, 1369x969)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
thanks for the tips, here's what I managed to make
File: 1504054556811.gif (49 KB, 128x128)
49 KB
Well done anon. keep it up brother
do you duplicate the higher poly curves and keep them for baking, or do you not bother, and just make a lower poly version with just diffuse map?
File: 2018-04-24_03-00-14.png (284 KB, 1210x837)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
I'm re-doing my terrible blob hair with >>618432
I thought about posting in wip, but I still don't have much to show, so since it's a hair thread I may post here.
This process is really new to me, if I were to describe how I feel about the project so far, I would say "I know what I'm doing, but I don't know what I'm doing"
I also thought about making the hair strands all straight, and then styling them after rigging at the very end, just like how people work with animal tails e.g. rats. What do you think?
The model is going to be used in animations, and I was just thinking about how hair bounces back and forth during jumps, back flips and so on. I think it would give more control, and I wouldn't need to fight against geometry to have all strands pointing in opposite direction. On the other hand, that would require more bones, and weight painting would be trickier to never lose any volume.
Does anyone have the .blend of the character in the video?
I need the hair for a mod.
A sculpt for a mod? You would need to retopo it anyway.
Doesn't matter.
Hairs with forward tails are too damn rare.
I might not succeed, but willing to try.
File: 2018-04-24_08-12-49.png (344 KB, 908x736)
344 KB
344 KB PNG
I got it closer to the original. Still work in progress. I don't know if I should add a bunch of smaller strands in the gaps later, or not because I don't want to overdo it.
Model it yourself.
make your own hair
Don't be jerks.
It's a really nice hair and I would appreciate it too if someone would share it.
They aren't being jerks. They're simply telling the truth.
Either way, even if you do get the .blend, you're going to have a nightmare on your hands. The fact that you don't want (i.e. can't) model your own hairstyle shows you likely won't be able to do the next two steps too, which would be to retopologise it from a sculpt to something low-poly the game engine can handle and weight it so it deforms correctly in game.
>low-poly the game engine
Trust me, game engine can handle 3x more complex hair without a hitch due to superior japanese coding and priorities.
No retopo needed and by the looks of it not even decimation will be necessary.
The issue is more about bones and fitting.
Nobody trusts you.
>Satire Inc.
>not knowing how goddamn dense sculpts are
>not knowing the purpose of retopo is so it can deform properly too
funniest post on /3/ this month.
just give the man his net so he can learn fishing
why can't he make his own net then
File: 2018-04-26_03-34-14.png (705 KB, 1129x836)
705 KB
705 KB PNG
Update on my new hair.
It would be nice to get some feedback. If not, then I'm probably going to post in the wip thread, because that one seems more active.

I'm not sure what to do with the hair line, how to connect the strands in front of ears without breaking flow, and I think the back doesn't look good.
Becoming a weaver for the sake of a single net is very inefficient.
So you expect to be spoonfed your entire life, huh. Plus, it's a single fucking net. You're not being asked to build a skyscraper with your bare hands.
Best advice is study how real life hairstyles work. Don't go with female hairstyles in your context, look at male hairstyles because they tend to reveal the hairline including sideburns much better. Studying sideburn flow should help with the strands that go over the ear (they should start in front of the ear and go down, not over the ear from the back would be my tl;dr). Female hairstyles work best if you're looking at styling and flow.
Dude, it's for a mod.
My point exactly. It's low effort enough to just make your own hairstyle. It's honestly a fuck ton more effort to retopo a sculpt you didn't do compared to just homegrowing your own because you know what you're making as compared to having to analyse a clusterfuck.
Dude, it doesn't fucking matter.
Really, it doesn't. Your elitism is not helping anyone.

Just give him the hair and he will sort it out.
I'm trying to save him the hassle, idiot. Plus, I would if I did have the file, since I'd like to see what the hell he'd even do before giving up. I can guarantee based on his phrasing he doesn't even know where to start, much less the heads or tails of the retopology process. Don't give me that he'll figure it out bullshit again, because he won't. He only will once he learns how to make his own hairstyle. You can't write if you don't know the language, right? Same concept here.
>I'm trying to save him the hassle, idiot.
You don't even know the environment it would be used in you colossal faggot.

>Don't give me that he'll figure it out.
Because that's totally not how people learn 99% of everything, right?
Or are you just a monkey trained by mimicking?

>You can't write if you don't know the language
That's just plain wrong and I hope you will seriously reflect about the bullshit you just spewed.
Holy shit. I don't normally call people this, but kid, you're absolutely fucking retarded.

>You don't even know the environment it would be used in you colossal faggot.
I'm sorry, he already said he wanted to use it as a mod for a game. It's pretty fucking crystal clear that the environment would be a game engine, something not suited to handle high-poly sculpts.

>Because that's totally not how people learn 99% of everything, right?
>Or are you just a monkey trained by mimicking?
Did you even take note of the context? I said he wouldn't figure it out because it would be above his skill level. You start at the basics and then build up.

>That's just plain wrong and I hope you will seriously reflect about the bullshit you just spewed.
Alright, write me a novel in the Igbo language. My statement wasn't meant to be figurative or anything, it was literal.
Also, it's "... reflect on ...". Just using "reflect" on its own is erroneous language usage. Maybe you should learn proper English.

Nice set of ad hominems, pal. Come back when you actually have proper content to contribute besides calling names.
File: laughing droids.png (274 KB, 900x844)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
>game engine, something not suited to handle high-poly sculpts.
That's where you are fucking wrong, kiddo. It's suited.
You jumped into conclusions like a fool and were talking out of your ass the whole time.

> You start at the basics and then build up.
How would someone start at the basics?
Then how would someone build up on that?
You are not making any sense whatsoever. You learn by doing.

>Maybe you should learn proper English.
Did you just literally mean I don't know the language I'm just literally writing in?
Holy shit, you BTFO'd yourself so hard you not only proved my point completely but lost all your credibility too with going a literal 360 on your own bullshit.

kthxbai, had a good laugh
You are being stupid.

I learned using Blender in mere 2 days. From an absolute 0 knowledge I went on to create the complex and very specific things I wanted to. It took 2 days of frustration, but soon after I was already experimenting with the different settings and methods while applying them on different areas.
3D modelling is not some mythical beast. To be punny, it has less "depth" than Photoshop which is solely for 2D.

>Maybe you should learn proper English.
This is literal libtard levels of defensiveness. Probably an american too. Calm down.
Btw, there is no "proper" version of any language.
>>It's suited.
This is incredible. I don't know how someone can be as dense as a Zbrush sculpt.

>>How would someone start at the basics?
What in the fuck? Are you okay? Do you know what "basics" are? The fundamentals? Principals? Elementary?

>>Then how would someone build up on that?
>not knowing you build skills
>>Did you just literally mean I don't know the language I'm just literally writing in?
>>but lost all your credibility too with going a literal 360 on your own bullshit.
>overusing "literal"
Your English is seriously poor. I'm not even trying to insult you.

Oh, hey, thanks for joining in.
>>I learned using Blender in mere 2 days.
>>the complex and very specific things I wanted to.
Wow, really? Show me your work. I'm genuinely interested. I'm really not being sarcastic here. Please, show me your skill.
>>3D modelling is not some mythical beast.
Eh, I guess the people struggling on this board just suck, eh?

>>This is literal libtard levels of defensiveness. Probably an american too. Calm down.
I really don't see how you took an insult as me being defensive. I have no reason to. And nope, not an American. Maybe I should chill a little though.

>Btw, there is no "proper" version of any language.
Really? I guess I can just turn in my thesis written completely in ebonics and get a perfect grade then.
>Show me your work.
It's just a hobby and this is a blue board anyway.

> I guess I can just turn in my thesis written completely in ebonics and get a perfect grade then.
The grade of a thesis depends on its content, not its language...
Man you really are retarded.
How the fuck do you judge the content if you don't understand the language?!

>I learned using Blender in mere 2 days.
No you didn't.
>it has less "depth" than Photoshop which is solely for 2D.
Shows how much you know....

>It's just a hobby and this is a blue board anyway.
You are the one trying to make us believe that you learned Blender in 2 days, now show some work to prove it.
You simply can't because your work is fucking lame and you are rightfully afraid to get ripped to pieces.
Thanks for the advice. I will straighten the hair in front of the ear, and move everything to the front.

This thread started well, but turned shit because of one needy moder, and people who don't know when to cut the conversation.
Reminds me of Midna.
I'd fuck it.

Or hold hands with too I guess.
you are actually a second person who said she looks like Midna. I may have her retextured for a video at one point to have have cosplaying as her.
File: Capturar.jpg (92 KB, 1288x910)
92 KB


I think the sculpt is done, there's something off with the eyes but I don't know exactly what
File: Capturar.jpg (110 KB, 1272x944)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

update #2:

After I saw the posted image I couldn't resist opening zbrush and messing with it, but I'm still not sure
Can you take a shot with the camera turned 45 degrees to the left or right? It's hard to tell but I suspect your eye sockets don't have the depth they should.
File: Capturar.jpg (86 KB, 1357x901)
86 KB
here you go senpai
File: untitled.png (2.28 MB, 2808x1899)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
I meant 45 degrees, not the full fat 90, but regardless, I am by all means an amateur but if you'll allow me to give a few pointers:

- Your eyes aren't inset enough. Look at Sakaki's book examples and Lesly's model: the insides of the eyes are more pushed in, so the nose bridge and more importantly, the eye sockets are much better defined. Your side perspective shows that your character basically doesn't have eye sockets. I've put two examples of my stuff: two top left ones are something I've been working with, just to show that it doesn't take a lot to define the nose bridge area with just a bit of depth. Bottom two is what NOT to do - a model I made a while ago that's a lot like yours: the character's face is very flat and while it looks okay up front, as soon as the camera shifts it's easy to see that she has "horse-vision", the eyes aren't inset and thus the character doesn't have front-facing eyes, but perpendicular ones instead.

- Her chin is very badly defined. Look at the examples: again, yours looks okay up front, but as soon as you put some spin on the camera, it's pretty clear that she doesn't have a jawbone, more like a jaw-mass. Don't be afraid to use crease, damien standard and scaling tools in areas like these.

- If you're going to have eyeballs like this, it's best to make the cheeks puffy like lesly, or give her some bottom lashes. I can see the gap between the eyeball and the flesh.


- Your forehead and chin area are misaligned. You typically want them to be perpendicular to one another, with your chin drawing back as it hits the curve, and your forehead drawing forward as it goes towards the scalp. Your mouth area is more forwards than your forehead area which looks pretty off.

- Very small mouth with not quite well-defined lips. Personally I can barely do this so I couldn't tell you how to fix it - if you'd even want to.

Again, I'm just an amateur, so take it as you'd like. Just don't be discouraged as you look like you're already miles ahead of a day-onner who barely knows what he's doing.


thanks for the tips, anon, they're really helpful

One mistake I also made was to pose it before everything was done and painting, learned it the hard way

do you think is worth to fix this head or just make another one from scratch?
Obviously save this one, but personally I would move on. If it's a sculpt, you want to wrap up the face with the expression it's supposed to have before you pose it. After it's posed, it's just a crapshoot, you lose symmetry completely, and trying to do things like move eyes without that is an exercise in futility, you will do more damage than fix things in the short and long-term.

I'll give another try with the head as I want to finish it, but if doesn't work out I'll just scrap it
File: Capturar.jpg (79 KB, 1400x923)
79 KB

here's a new one i sketched, what do you think?
yeah why would he expect randos to have a blend file anyways.
no didnt you read the guy that thought pixel art texture was low poly and needed to do something with anti aliasing
oh wow, I would love to see that post.
I guess its textures are low.. pixel pffff

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