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SFM when ?
SFM is trash
Honestly? Depends on the switch firmware this game runs on. If it's on a newer firmware then that needs to be "reverse engineered" before they can start ripping/dumping the game assets then putting the pieces together (what maps belong where or which model) then some SFM fags port it to SFM,

That being said, SFM fags aren't the ones doing the ripping or anything. Just porting.
I take this >>617068 back. Models have been dumped and they're already out there. Not on SFMLab yet though.
>literally the best animation workflow of any software
i bet you use cinema 4d
Maya has the best workflow.
>t. blendlet

nope, Maya / Zbrush / Substance - the holy trinity
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>not dumping the models yourself
>using SFM
since we apparently started a ripping thread, how would one approach "borrowing" assets from an online game? can you even rip blendshapes or whatever the voodoo they use for character customisation? I tried ninja ripper, but it would just yoink base meshes... could probably man up and remake it as close as possible on my own but eh
There are two ways to rip game models:
1) reverse engineer the game's own data files (sometimes this is super easy like if it's unreal engine, sometimes its hard) there is often a community effort of autists working on this, so google it for your game of interest before you try to reinvent the wheel

2) use a program like ninja ripper to extract all (and I mean ALL) the raw data being sent to your graphics card.
This method "works" for just about everything, whether it's a video game or something off sketchfab (which incidentally there are or were scripts that will steal sketchfab stuff so look at that first), the problem here is that you get a metric assload of geometry, textures, and so on that will require a long time to sort heads from tails and then clean up into something usable.
But if you're doing it for your porn job it's just part of your job, plus if it's a popular game series but people haven't ripped the models yet, you (as a porn artist) can "corner the market" and potentially sell the model to other artists with a bigger fanbase (although since they're autistic they're probably also in the process of ripping the model too).

Before you start ripping, look if someone else has already ripped it. Places to check: themodelsresource, yobi3d, facepunch, sfmlab, steam sfm page, deviantart (#sfm, #xps, #xnalara, #blender, #model_release)
well I'm not a porn artist, I'm just autist artist who wants to save their character from a dying online game hell and tug them to relative safety of my own hard drive and maybe print later so that my grandchildren can wonder what the fuck they just dug up in his chest some time later
and the biggest problem is getting blendshapes\morphs\whatever that slider based customisation works on. all raw dumps ninjaripper would make are dupes of base heads\bodies. game is on ue4 so I could extract those anyway.
which is sort of weird, right? I mean, this information should be stored somewhere in memory otherwise it wouldn't end up on my screen, yet ripper cant see it and even it devs I asked about that issue said they have no clue

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