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Any thoughts, experiences and/or shady links on this book?
I'm guessing it's aimed at beginners, but I'd still be interested in skimming it for any interesting techniques I might have missed.
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Just buy it off gumroad you neet.
If somebody buys it, don't forget to upload it to CGP. There's a request open, and you must comply, or your modeling privileges will be revoked.
Aren't there similar books on cgpeers already? Now that I think about it I'd benefit from this kind of education as well, especially organic topology.
Honestly not worth the money. I'm just glad I can write it down as a business expense.

It was on request at cgpeers before that bit the bullet 3 days ago.
It's on CGPeers now. Go grab it while it's hot!
Skimmed through it and... it's shit. I mean this is way beyond beginner level, half of it is literally about how to solve tri and n-gon issues on subdivision models.
It wouldn't be bad if each major issue had just one page dedicated to it, and it would all be an introductory chapter to a book that's actually about modeling, but that's all it actually is.
You can probably glean some useful things from the wireframe references, but quiet frankly you can do that just by searching for it on fucking google.

The most useful part of this download are the supplementary animations, which basically show you everything the book has to offer.

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