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File: MED-BOOK-007428.jpg (27 KB, 212x300)
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Can someone please upload this book and its additional contents in Google Drive or something? Mega is shit, always with download limits and I got only the pdf because of that
Check the book itself, there's a link to a section in the MDN website that has all the download links freely hosted in their website. You'll want to grab stuff from there anyway since they have updated files and links for newer versions of zBrush.

The download speed is horrendous but it's better than being beholden to MEGA size limits. You don't need to download the videos since they're all hosted on Youtube.
File: 1506310213090.jpg (37 KB, 540x362)
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>bought all of my books instead of pirating on kindle amazon jp
>much faster download speeds and don't have to worry about viruses
who /goodboys/ here
how can you even read this thing if it's all jap?
I just take screenshots in google translate. It's too big to read as a whole if you try to upload
I am not Pro pitrating guy, but you sound fucking retarded... how are you able to learn 3d applications? they are complicated, you know?!

Downloiad speed and viruses on .PDF ot .MOBI files? really? are you sure that pepe images are virus free?
>Downloiad speed and viruses on .PDF
This is possible, and the concern is valid.

I can't read japanese and could follow the book easily, there are a lot of images and if you know your way around zbrush it's real easy

Thank you my dude
There's a video guide that goes with the book, and there's timestamps everywhere in the book referencing the video guide. You can also use kanjitomo to reference any vocab terms and get a clearer picture of what the step wants from you.

The book being in Japanese is ironically the least troubling thing about it. It's actually just a tough fucking book. Turns out, sculpting little girls is far from easy.
You can get viruses from PDF's, the readers work executes code and you already gave permissions when you ran the program.

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