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Yes yes let's get the memes out of the way.

Now that that's out of the way I have a problem while following one of the tutorials.
I baked this normal map of the anvil on the left, but on the map you can see lines on the horn, back of the anvil and the cutouts on the sides which are not visible on the model itself.
According to the tutorial this happens when you sculpt on rounded shapes, but what you see on the model should always be what you see on the normal map.
I tried smoothing it out but to no avail, something that did work in the tutorial.
Is there another reason this could happen?
Applied it looks like this disaster.
Learn the difference between hard and smooth shading. and learn that before attempting to bake normals.
Why do you need to do this twice?
It is already set to smooth.
Fucking BlenderGuru, misdirecting newbies since the very beginning.

You have to click the shitty icon next to the modifiers and toggle smooth shading. Then you also have to toggle it in the left pannel. Blender is that retarded.
Thanks got it.
I also had to again click it again in the tools panel after applying modifiers as it goes back to the default again.

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