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File: typicalguru.jpg (85 KB, 1000x592)
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I want to find out some nicer setups to get the most of dumb materials i make. One thing I found out is that the Node Wrangler plugin has a shortcut for setting up principled shaders.

When you use it on your Principled Shader, you can select your pbr texture memes and it'll automatically set them up. If it didn't recgonize your texture, you can add their texture type name on the settings and it'll work fine.
Either that table is too high, or he's dwarfy.
File: ffff.png (761 KB, 844x499)
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what would be the proper color mode for ambient occlusion map? (divide,power,lighten etc)
i want to exclude the white and include the black
Or his chair is positioned low. Dumbass.
You're right, I didn't consider that option, Andrew.


"but.. m.. muh shortcuts!"

Maya's pie menus shit on blender's shortcut. Enjoy always having to look at your keyboard by fear of triggering the wrong menu, which would force you to use blender's broken undo that will delete your last 5 actions.
Crap, I just realized I b0rked the caption on the picture. Not sure if for better or for worse.

But my dude, I'm a Blender user (among other software), and I don't need to look at the keyboard. I realize that's not the case for many people. In the end, it's just a matter of personal preference and comfort which software you use, as far as modeling is concerned.

(Yeah, Undo kinda sucks if you are not aware of its limitations, but that's being worked on for 2.8.)
File: 135368572257.jpg (21 KB, 317x267)
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>has to look at keyboard to know where the buttons are
>has to go around clicking menus to do anything
No wonder why anything commercial takes 4 years to make.
File: 26-153-116-14.jpg (20 KB, 640x480)
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These look like gamershit but they're pretty nice to have.
>needing two hands for this combination

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