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Are any of you going to join the Artstation Challenge? If so, which subject?
I might, either prop art or game environment/level art. Going to have to wait until April 30th.
What would you say, how much experience would it be preferable to have for challenges like these (and to actually have a chance of winning)? I wanted to do some wild west environment for myself anyway, but I've only been doing 3D for like 12 months so I don't know if I should even bother applying yet.
My old 3D teacher won one of the Art Station Environment Art Challenges when he was around 1.5 year into his degree/education. Honestly, I'd just give it a try, even if you don't win you will get a lot of tips and a whole new learning experience!
>even if you don't win you will get a lot of tips and a whole new learning experience!
Pretty much this.
Why are there so many absolute retards posting FINISHED 3D RENDERS in the part of the contest where you're supposed to submit CONCEPT ART?

Why do these people exist?
Hmm, from what I've seen, those are pretty basic blockouts, and it seems that some people paint over them later on or just use them as guidelines. Concept artists utilize 3D as well, so I don't see much of a problem.
File: Final.jpg (389 KB, 1883x1097)
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I'm talking about things like this. Two of these are already marked as "completed submission", and 3/4 of them don't have any 2D art attached to them at all. These can't possibly be blockouts. The top-left one gets a slight pass because the artist did make multiple 2D views and a function description, but this still isn't the 3D submission part yet. The bottom-right one is also pre-existing artwork that was finished before the contest even started, I think.
Yep, those guys are retards.
>is also pre-existing artwork that was finished before the contest even started
this is what I don't understand
isn't the whole point of challenge to make the new stuff asap
No, the point of the contest is to win the spotlight so you can put it on your resume / briefly mention in your demo reel
Looks like the fucker on the bottom-right got disqualified, I can't see his art on the submission page anymore. Top one is still making final renders without 2D art, though.
The trick is to always keep a reserve of work completed well in advance, but unpublished. When a contest arises, you wait almost until the last moment, and submit your entry from one of those amazing pieces you keep saved.
I already have a barrel completed. Only need to add a couple more houses and the landscape and I'm basically done with the environment challenge. Easy.

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