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Got some trouble with a low poly test in blender.
I have the same setup on two computers.
When adding seams and unwrapping the UV the computer of pic related arbitrarily turns the map sideways 90 degrees.
Not really a problem but kind of annoying, but the real trouble comes when applying this texture to the model.
It works fine on the other machine, but here some faces show up black.
I made sure that all normals are pointing the right way before importing the UV map, but after importing the normals of some faces become flipped. I am able to make one of the faces show up again by inverting the normal, but for the other faces this does absolutely nothing. Recalculating normals also turns faces inside out again. There are no double vertices.

tl;dr I'm too retarded to make a texture show up well on a standard Blender cube.
Any tips besides quitting and getting an aisle cleaning job?
>blendlet can't even do the literally simplest thing there is
Those aisles are waiting
I can do it I'm just asking why it would screw up like this when the exact same process works on another machine just fine.
If it's the same process but it doesn't produce the same result it's not the same process, blendlet.
You made some small error but without looking at the .blend I can't give you the quick fix from your description.
But that's not actually what you need, what you need is this: Stop trying to jump ahead to "that project I really want to do!" and instead get back to tutorials.
Go do a proper UV tutorial, a really long one, one that explains all the ins and outs. Then, if you're still having issues, go look up your problem on blender stack exchange.
If you try to look up your problem now, your fundamental lack of basics means you'll be unable to formulate the right question and unable to search for or understand the answer.
You need to just sit down and do the work (the "work" being tutorials, or books, or videos, or reading the documentation).
I know it's slow going, and there's a lot to learn, and there's things that slip through your fingers but that's just the name of the game. You've got to keep on going, learning more each time.

If you do what I said, which is essentially drop this project and go do tutorials, when you come back to this project you'll realize how simultaneously simple your problem was and how you'd also NEVER figure it out in a million years just fooling around on your own.
File: UV.png (544 B, 64x64)
544 B
544 B PNG
Added the blend to https://filesDOTfm/u/sbf456zc
Also here's the texture, don't know if blender needs them externally.
I did have trouble with finding the right search queries yes.
Guess I'll do the basics again first, did those a long time ago so skipped ahead when I shouldn't have.
could be You dont notice there are different UV-Mappings and You use the wrong one for the cube. Blender-Beginners are most time overwhelmed from all options and it happens very easy to create for this example a new uv-mapping without notice.
What do you mean with different UV mappings?
As in it shows the texture but that is not the way it is actually projected on the model?
try changing your material to shadeless
File: 0001-0250.webm (732 KB, 1192x994)
732 KB
It works fine on the other machine, but here some faces show up black.
They show up black on my machine too, but there is no problem with your model (normals are all correct) nor with your UV mapping.

The reason you are seeing black is the viewport shading, which renders those faces in shadow. If you rotate the cube you'll see that everything is fine. You can work with the "Shadeless" mode turned on in situations like this.

This was a bit tricky to find, です~. I got it by pure chance.

Anyways, do what >>615938 says: study the fundamentals of your program of choice.
And Blender strikes again.
Jesus Christ on a skippy ball, I was tearing my hair out over a toggle? Thanks anon!
>loads up 3DS MAX
>fails to do anything for an hour
>hops on /3/
>looks at bill from Autodesk
>smiles through the pain

i wonder what it's like being stupid enough to pay for software to fail at a hobby. sounds awful.
I wonder how it is to waste all your free time trying to figure out why Blender doesn't work.
>loads up 3DS MAX
>fails to do anything for an hour

Because you fucking suck
Always Pack textures when uploading/sharing a blend file. That way you won't have the problem you're having.
Blender works great. You just suck at it.
Loads up Blender and fails to do anything for a lifetime.
If Blender works great as you say, then why it doesn't work?

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