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File: vistes de tots.jpg (610 KB, 5207x1194)
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How much would it cost me if I wanted someone to model one of these dudes? I don't care which of the three, but It should be a bit low-poly.
just do it yourself my man
I come from /ic/ and I have no experience on it. I'm working on this imaginary concept art project and it would be cool to see it come to life by a profesional.
But now that you say it, I heard that Zbrush tends to be easy for 2d artist. How dificult would it be to do this on it. Or should I go on Blender or Maya?
Zbursh sounds a bit excessive for low poly characters. I would go with Blender.
How long would it take me, a complete begginer, to be able to do something like this in blender?
not much
since you have nice pictures, I suggest edge by edge modelling
File: zombie_nigger.webm (693 KB, 1024x1024)
693 KB
here, I've done something quick
for some odd reason blender didn't save the texture, well, it was shit anyway
File: Pep(e) Guardiola.jpg (61 KB, 1144x643)
61 KB
Wooow!!! Anon I love you this is awesome!!
It feels so awesome to see your work come to life
Thank you so much
I mean if you just want pricing, I would pay someone $100 each for a game model that simple.
If it's for an animation, then maybe more detail would be put into it so a bit more.
Remember that pricing is entirely what you're willing to pay, and what the artist is willing to work for.
You can low ball a person without a lot of work pretty easily.
Is there a pricinig table?
File: molegato.gif (905 KB, 600x600)
905 KB
905 KB GIF
Sloppy desu

This guy does commissions for $50, he's published a (shitty) game on Steam and is often collaborating with indie studios (or maybe he is the studio, I dunno).
Anyway if you actually wanted a bunch of characters, I imagine you could negotiate a bulk rate

I would do it or free, tell me exactly what you're looking for with these characters.
My point was that edge modelling is easy, as is 3d painting, with a little bit of work, this model could work, its 1304 tris, but it could be lower. No need to pay some faggot if you're not in a hurry. Especially 60 bucks for 1 hour of work.
Also, since that model is quad only, both subdiv and decimate work fine on it, I've tried it and it retains form even down at ~350 tris. I suggest op fucking gets his hands onto it and does it himself, painting on a 3d model for an /ic/ fag shouldn't be a problem at all.
File: story_shot3.jpg (34 KB, 321x232)
34 KB
File: fat skelly2.png (135 KB, 642x778)
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135 KB PNG
I'll make you one character + rig for 50$ if you are still interested.
Damn, rig for 50...

what about textures my lad.
(Not Zombo)
Fuck, you are cute
You sounds so cute, adorable
you mean IK rig in blender? not worth 50$
maybe do a unity package with walk cycle+rig+texture then its 50$
You can just drop blend files into unity and blender can export to different file formats.
I'll make you the character, textures & rig for 25$.
I'd pay you more, just for textures if you drop me a name and previous works.
File: pep-guardiola-m2.jpg (33 KB, 759x422)
33 KB
OP here. Actually my project is not real. There is no such videogame and it will never be. It's all an excuse to draw concept art for my final project
And the point of the 3d models is just to make the presentation more good looking and for my personal pleasure

I'm sorry but I will try to go with>>616128 and do it by my own, so I can say I did it in the presentation.
However, If I'm having a lot of troubles doing it and this thread is still on, I will come back and pay an anon to do it

By the way, I'm gonna say it again, thank you so much for the models but I don't want you to work free for me, so please don't do it anymore. It makes me feel bad
But since you already did it, the least I can do is to credit you and show your models in the presentation, so please if you could give me a name or a link >>615957 >>616340 I could do it.
Im still looking for the two guys that did the models
Couldn't you tell that this was a scam by the fact that nobody pays for stuff made in Blender?
>the polygons are worth less cause blender
I did the first model, no need to credit me.
What country are you from?
Thanks man anyway. I'm from Spain. Why do you need that info?

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