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I have this idea with my drone I just purchased. I play Pokémon Go and I've been envisioning a short film, one of the scenes being the camera slowly coming down from the sky to see all the players grouped together at the gym location, and after a short survey it goes back up to see the gym actually sprout up from the ground and all the Pokémon spawn on top of it and begin battling (just like in our phones). I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how to make that happen but if anyone wants to help I'd appreciate it a ton. I really want to make this film come together. I learn quickly and am willing to pay for tips or advice. You can email me at joey@gingrass.com. Thanks in advance.
You're on the wrong website if you're asking something like that OP. Take my advice and try Reddit instead.
If its just a short film, just get the real shots with the drone. Record the pokemon spawning and gym battles off your phone. You can then edit the pokemon into the drone footage. Should be pretty straightforward if you have a decent amount of experience using video editing software.

If you want to "automate" the process and have the drone automatically add the pokemon into its camera view, you're going to have to roll your own augmented reality code for it. If you don't have much experience in CG or programming I would not recommend this.
>Camera drone descends on people
>Asks them to complete a short survey

Who the fuck thought this was a good idea??
Stick it in your ass amd turn it on

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