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Quick noob question:

I'm making something in zbrush that I would like to take into maya just to add fur, do I need to retopologize just for that? If yes, is there an automatic way?
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Zbrusher here. You´ll always retopologyze before exporting to animation software, ALWAYS. Use the Z-remesher for this - is in the tool palette.
This is why you don't use zbrush if you don't want to:
a) add days onto your final render
b) spend hours retopo'ing when you could have sculpted in blender and needed to retopo

zbrushlets when will you ever learn?

Why the fuck do you people must turn every thread in this board into a shitty software war? What's your problem?


Thanks my dude, I'll look into remesher
You won't spend more time retopologizing a ZBrush's sculpt than you would need with a Blender one. Besides, ZBrush's ZRemesher might save you some in particular scenarios.

Something tells me you haven't sculpted much in either software, but anyway.
sculpting is a double edged sword. i always feel like i benefit from zbrush workflow when making something that's organic but doesn't have to be animated, however if i have to skin it properly i always end up needing a base mesh made in maya, and even then making that and just using the zbrush sculpture for the displacement map seems inefficient to just using the sculpting tools in maya itself since i can then work in the same subdivision levels, but not have as much detail or brush control. i'm torn between one and the other for figures.
I want to drop in on this.This has been a long term isure for me. I want to sculpt in zbrush but render in cycles or renderman.

Generating a basemesh from a highly subdivided zbrush tool that was created with zremesher after a dynamesh block out is easy.
I also learned how to set polygroups, generate UV maps based on those and exporting displacement maps. However they always seem muddy and the results in blender are horrible if I assemble them back to gether. It looses it sharpness and detail to no end.

What do?
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Zbrusher here again.
The trick to high detailed maps is the resolution: in Zbrush, check the UVMAP submenu under tools: they need to be in 4096 resolution to get a high detailed map.
Apparently, pros usually subdivide the final exporting body mesh of the character into several parts and leaves a 4096x4096 for each part, like the head, hands, torso, feet, etc, not a single map for everything.

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