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Looking for some good/creative/obscure 3D artists to follow on Instagram, like...


Anyone else wants to share their fav. inspo?
I wish we could have an Instagram thread in which we share our own as well.

To contribute, I really like the user render.zone, which features renders from various artists. Lots of cool and trippy renders there:


I particularly struggle with such things, because in order to make such beautiful things, you have to turn off your brain. Shit makes no sense, but it looks great.
here's my inspo folder if you have one maybe share it, social media favs are rawandrendered, lvntmj, biogenicdesign, gmunk, aspenexcel, fvckrender, vangcki, and check out archillect on facebook.
serjan has the best type of autism.
why not share your insta as well? im not op but i would like to see
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This is now an instagram whoring thread.
Postan mine.


I'm not a pro 3d dude, but I pretty much just post my 3d stuff on it. My modelling game isn't too great, but I'm more into making nice scenes and stuff. So I do what I can to get the result I want, not really worrying too much about topology or anything.

I'll probably follow back if you do end up liking/following my work.
I don't know if you all would be into my work, but I've been hanging around here for a few years and I like the work you all make.

Pic related is one of my more popular works.
Love the stuff they post!

Gonna go ahead and whore out my insta too.

Fuck it, here is my sketchfab as well.
your stuff isn't bad, but you really should move on from this 80s aesthetic junk. it's a silly meme that has overstayed its welcome.

it's good that it gave you something to practice with, but I think it's time for you to evolve past your ironic retro Trapper Keeper phase.
I get that it's pretty meme-y, it's just what I like making. I get some nice inspiration driving around at night and I like trying to convey that comfy feeling. There's a lot of 80s influence in some though I admit that. 80s wasn't totally my intention though, at least on the abstract stuff.
I started when it wasn't really a meme, but I did jump on to the bandwagon with some of it. I am moving away from it slowly, but I haven't really found anything that really inspires me the same way.

I'm not looking to get into the industry or anything. I've got a pretty good job in graphic design, this is just what I like to do as a hobby.

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