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File: Quixel Mixer.jpg (2.92 MB, 2500x1817)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB JPG
I'm currently building a workflow including megascans mixer&bridge.

Mixer is super powerful and can produce insane textures in a few minutes.
Image attached is a bunch of R&Ds I did yesterday, each with ~30 minutes of work.

They are just using 2K maps and result in a 4K material, both options can be upped to 8K if needed.

Give it a try if you can, the subscription for the hobby version is 20$ a month.

Quixel mixer looks great, but the indie subscription is non commercial (unlike Substance). I think Quixel might be a good fit for open world games with lots of outdoors (due to the photoscanned assets and textures) but that non commercial license is killing me.
Detail and grunge doesn't mean something is high quality.
I bet if you tried to apply those textures in an actual scene, none of them would look like they actually exist in real life.
A simple street corner should suffice to show the point.
File: 1504539506962.png (19 KB, 512x512)
19 KB
quixel seem determined to scan every material on planet earth, is procedural losing its niche?
only the bottom right looks good
Il love it when people conflate pbr shaders and bloated textures with super powerful. It gives me a great laugh.
File: 1456109054979.jpg (15 KB, 553x351)
15 KB
oh god the tiles+puddles one looks so bad
congrats OP, you've overall just achieved messy noise

Of course not. It is however much faster and more direct to create a base there than it is to endlessly plug in maps in something like hypershade.

Even if it's just for lookdev, concepting or storyboarding.

I am probably making the mistake of taking this board too seriously.
There is an upgrade available as a one-off payment of a couple hundred bucks - make your shit as freelancer, then if you start selling as a game dev pay for the upgrade.

Good lock using the top 2 mats in a game/large scene, it will look tily as fuck.

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