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Yo, im a 2D artist but I want to start to learn 3D sculpting since it has the potential of help my 2D pieces.

I've used Maya before, created some simple scenes with it ( like living rooms and a kitchen ) though nothing character related. My plan is to learn character sculpting to use as a base for my 2D drawings or even use my 2D drawings to create sculptures based on them.

What is the most efficient way to do so? I would love to have some youtube channels recommendations or even paid tutorials. It doesn't really matters what program is, I just want something that I can learn and get results without worrying about anatomy, since i already know that.

Anyway, thanks for the help!
Hey my dude, a kind anon has reuploaded a book I bought a couple of months ago into a MEGA folder. The book specifically targets production of anime statues for 3D printing in zBrush, but a lot of the knowledge is really useful since he starts from basically nothing, to loading his custom interface, to starting from a mannequin, going through the tools and explaining they work, retopologizing, anatomy, posing the model, creating clothes and hair and so on. Only the few last sections are dedicated to prepping it for 3D printing.


It's the book with the weird translated Chinese name, but that only happened because calibre made it funny during the conversion process to .pdf, it's really a Japanese book. It's recommended that you do know some nip beforehand but it's a pretty visual guide with a video series so it's doable nonetheless.
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You already can do it from your 2D experience, It's all about forms and working through it.

Get familiar with the sculpting tools in w/e software and start sculpting, The tools are generally the same throughout the applications, they share the same basics so get started in one and you can later chose which fits you best later.

Topology etc will come to you over time as you get used to 3D.
Just keep in mind that at the end of the day you're either making something organic or not. Achieving the forms is easy, getting use out of your creations is another.

You're already a 2D artist so the frustration isn't new, Just get in there and get er done.
if all you want is to learn a sculpting suite, just watch michael pavlovich's intro to zbrush series. pt 1 is free on youtube/gumroad. pt2 and 3 you can pirate or pay for if you want.

if you want to be able to do more than just make a static, marble sculpt, then you need to get comfortable with something like maya (and more).

start with the zbrush part tho, since it's the fun, creative part, before getting bogged down in things like retopologising, uv mapping, texturing etc.
hey opie, 2d artist freelancing fulltime pro here. you will need some time to learn the tools and workflow but in terms of cerebral skills you've got all you need already. once you get a grasp of the ui of zbrush (which is an absolute pain in the ass, be warned) you'll be able to create amazing things.
Just literally pick up a package and do some tutorials on modeling a figure, every single one will have something like this.

This exercise will teach you the basics on using your tools and how to move around the program for modeling something.

3d has different styles of modeling something learn about that pick th one you are interested in the most.

Sculpting is what you mentioned then of course you mean zbrush.

The whole reason I got into 3D was because I wanted something better for references than those stupid wooden artists dolls that refuse to hold a pose and cheaper than those really expensive plastic artist dolls.

Got Daz Studio because it was free and started using it. Got Hexagon because it was also free and had a bridge to Daz and started using it to create my own morphs for the Genesis base figures Daz uses.

Discovered I loved 3D modelling, fell down a fucking rabbit hole, ended up buying 3D Coat and Marvelous Designer. Started making lots of shit thinking "I'll use it as a reference for a drawing" but really just give it away for free on ShareCG and let other people worry about doing something with it. Find I spend 10x more of my free time just making 3D models I know I'll never use myself just because I really like 3D modelling, than I do doing 2D illustration which was the whole reason I got into 3D in the first place.

Be careful OP.

Can someone upload that to google drive or something? Or teach me how to bypass Mega download limits?
Just keep on with Maya. In addition to that you will need either Mudbox or Zbrush. The way it goes is that you build a low poly cage in Maya which has the proportions you need and then refine it to hundreds of millions of polygons in either mudbox or zbrush. There are numerous articles on describing the workflow. For more information go to www.cgtalk.com and DO NOT accept any false information from these faggots on /3/. The truth is that none of these guys work in the industry and they have zero knowledge of industry standard workflows. If you want to learn you want to learn it properly from the get-go. Don't waste your time learning tools which are not in use in the industry. Just learn the industry standard tools from the beginning. This way you are actually gaining information which is useful in the future.
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I'm similar to you I guess. Been doing 2D since early 2000s and only recently started learning 3D.

I suggest you get ZBrush and watch a ton of Michael Pavlovich's beginner tutorials. They're mostly free and he's a very cool guy. This will get you started in sculpting. You'll love it.

After that I suggest you really fuck yourself up early on and learn a shitload about UVs and baking maps. This won't be fun. It may overwhelm you at the beginning and make you want to throw everything away, but trust me, once you've learned the basics, it will truly open the world to your visions.

Get the latest Maya and first learn how to retopologize your models. Go to the flippednormals youtube channel and learn the basics. After that, learn how to UV unwrap your model with Maya. You can also learn this from flippednormals.

Once that is done, find some nice and easy tutorials on how to generate and bake normal maps, AO maps, curvature maps etc. There are endless ways on how to do this, so look for something that suits your own workflow.

ALTERNATIVELY: If you just want to enhance your 2D art, you could potentially just sculpt, then Polypaint and pose it, and create render passes, all within ZBrush. Then take those renders and work with them in Photoshop like you already do.

Hope this helps. Also this: >>615187
>DO NOT accept any false information from these faggots on /3/
Never listen to anyone on this site, including me. It's the public toilet of the internet. Nobody here knows jack shit and just wants to fling shit at each other.

By the way you have a portfolio somewhere? [spoiler]Maybe I can fap to some of your cat maids sometime?[/spoiler]
>By the way you have a portfolio somewhere? [spoiler]Maybe I can fap to some of your cat maids sometime?[/spoiler]
oh not my drawing, its just the drawing that gave me the idea of learning modeling.
and I discovered that this model exists and its actually a real statue :

https://twitter.com/obstetrician_M/status/974829400205115393 .

Anyway, thanks for the replies, really helpfull, and a lot less cancerous than /ic/ for sure
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nurzhan bekkaliyev?

Love your/his shit.
>What is the most efficient way to do so?
I would say.
>1. take generic daz3d model
>2. get proportions as close as possible to 2d waifu
>3. pose it
>4. import into ZBrush
>5. Sculpt and finish body proportions as you see fit
>6. Make hair according to one of the hundred generic anime ZBrush hair tutorials
>7. Make clothing with Marvelous designer
Can't think of a quicker way.
is there a way i can learn guitar without having to practice?


just play the fucking thing, faggot.
How are you inferring this from the OP's post?

Seriously, how retarded are you?

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