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The texture loaded on the right is being applied to my model, while taking the UV's into consideration. But below the UV's there's a completely different texture-image that is being utterly ignored. What the fucking shit is blender doing now??? Please help!
Oh boy, you're gonna be the next reload guy, won't you? You're gonna make a thread about every little niggly you have for a month and a half.
switch to material mode and get a lamp
check ur texture stack

you're goddamn right. but you need to understand, i also achieve things. i figured out a fuckton of stuff already when i modelled that sword and anvil. i don't know who reload guy is or was but i'm pretty confident i'm smarter than him and once i'm done learning you won't see me here anymore (but you'll see my badass work shared and praised). you need to understand i only started 3d a few days ago.

brb trying
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I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying, but you have a different texture on the model, just because something is opened up in the image viewport doesn't mean that's the active texture on your model.

did it. thank you!
Holy shit, where are all these bryce types coming from? The dunning-kruger is so thick you could slap things around with it.

it's all me lol. who is bryce?
Bryce-kun is /3/'s GOAT. One day he decided to flex on us all, and since then consequences were never the same.
>Chase the Hedgehog

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