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Export UV's from Blender but only have the lines show? How to do? Plz respond.
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Okay so I got to this point entirely by myself (there's so many tutorials and 99% of them are shit).

But now how do I render this nicely? I get a fully black thing when I try to renderview it. I think it has something to do with the materials, but I can't find an option to disable the blender material and use the texture instead.

Wat do?
So if you havn't already figured out how to get unshaded faces in the exported UV, click the export uv button and then change the fill opacity on the left of the screen near the bottom. To fix your other issue, change the blender render option to cycles. Cycles is waaaaay better than blender render imo
There's a Questions thread, you autist.

You need to go do proper paid tutorials (that you've stolen from cgpersia or the like) because you're clearly trying to do advanced (relatively speaking) stuff without understanding the underlying core concepts (aka THE BASICS) and it's fucking you up.
Then, as you try to research the fuckups with google or stack exchange (an excellent resource, btw) you end up learning the thing you would have learned if you'd just done a tutorial.

CGCookie (or maybe it's CGSociety?) has good tutorials, Lynda is good, honestly all the paid tutorials are generally good. It's kind of a sliding scale though where a person can be an excellent teacher but an average artist (Andrew Price) or an excellent artist but an average or below average teacher (Gleb Alexandrov)
you have no lights...

or click the shadeless box in shading options on right side of your screenshot.

Use >>614406

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