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isn't it what blendshapes is?
Sometimes when I'm bored I just goof around with Puppeteer and make weird dances.
Fuccboi dance pig
What we need is a clip launcher that loops shit like in the OP per clip. So you have one for running and one for swimming and it can vary due to an xy plane containing blendshapes. Then you cue in other clips.
>wtf is motion mixer
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>manipulating several sliders, one at a time is the same as seamlessly moving between poses IN REAL TIME

no, it fucking isn't.
the puppeteering shit is what enables you to do complex shit in realtime and record it.
you can blend poses, but no this easily. so i guess its useful
That's my point. I wish I could script because I feel like using Blender's pose library function and going from the already available pose mixing functionality to this should be totally doable.
Puppeteering is also perfect to test timings on the fly without having to nudge ever part later on until you like it.
Learn Python or pay a developer. It shouldn't even be that hard to put something like it together considering all the built-in functions in Blender.

Like really, what do you hope to accomplish with this thread?
>It shouldn't even be that hard

>a small, blank UI box
>clicking inside the box creates a dot which represents a pose that just got created in the pose library
>maneuvering with your clicked mouse between or around the dots just drives the amount how much the individual poses are applied

There's even an addon that creates a slider for every individual pose so I bet you could create a driver for each slider and therefore use your addon in combination with that one.
Shouldn't this actually be possible using drivers?
It shouldn't be that hard for someone who already knows how to work with drivers.
All the built-in, broken and scarcely documented functions in Blender. They also change the Python API every single version with no respect for other developers.
You've obviously never tried to use Python in Blender even though you feel qualified to give advice and you really shouldn't.
>There's even an addon that creates a slider for every individual pose so I bet you could create a driver for each slider and therefore use your addon in combination with that one.

Sounds neat. Name of the addon?

And yes, this should all be doable in drivers.
Boo hoo, coding is hard!

Completely irrelevant. He has two options, that's all that matters.
hes right tho the documentation is scarce
bf should release updated pdf on how to code in 2.8 when it drops
Sadly, documentation is almost always in the backburner when it comes to funding-scarce projects. Not justifying it, nor do I believe it is a good idea to disregard docs, but that’s how it usually is.
there are self-published books about programming in blender, and there are some tutorials on drivers.
Here you go, buddy
There's also better software than Blender.
Good Steve reaction pic. Saved.
>Good Steve reaction pic.
In my opinion the absolute best, a true classic
it's called the graph editor.
You're called dumb.
Nice. Thank you.
this is relevant to my internets

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