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I'm getting a new computer soon for gaming/cg. I don't want to build my own, so what brands should I look at? My budget is around $2k.
Most custom builders are decent. I would recommend against buying systems from big companies like Dell, HP and Lenovo unless you can find a good deal on second-hand hardware. Usually these computers are bought up and then sold en masse for cheap when they become obsolete.

However, for $2000 new, you should be able to get a pretty killer setup; something with an 8700k, 16GB of RAM, at least a GTX1080 and an SSD. 32GB RAM would have been preferable, but I don't see it fitting into the budget without cutting something else.
Last year I got a 7700K, GTX1080, 32GB 3000mhz RAM and a 1TB drive last year for less than 1000 USD, in infamously expensive Norway.
With a 2k budget you can get literally anything.
Key word here is "last year". If it were still early 2017, I'd have said the same thing, but since then computer hardware took a massive hike in price. If you take into account prebuilt tax, then the system specs I mentioned should amount to about two grand given today's market. Consider yourself lucky if anything.

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