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My friend wants to see what people on 4Chan think of his work. I think he's ok, but I want to get more opinions.

Makes me want to spew.

1. Because the camera keeps doing fucking 180's

2. It looks awful

Want my real advice? There is just way too much going on.

Less is more.

Look at principles of design, you know, that stuff your friend neglected to learn in high school Art class.

Then again it's for a YouTube intro (I assume) so it would 'pass' only because the standards are so low.
right now it looks like it was made by and for some 14yo dumbstep edgecoon gamurr
what really makes it repulsive is these blinks
I hate this. everyone puts their seizure-inducing intros everywhere
makes me want to skip and\or close the vid the moment I see it
THE patrician intro choice is no intro at all or if you absolutely want it make it less than half of a second so that you go into third circle of hell instead of ninth when you die
For real man, please stop with these intros. Nobody likes them and they look horrible. And what a guy above me said, a lot of people would just skip the video if something like that showed up at the start of a clip.
A good intro shouldn't be longer than 5 seconds.
Too much camera movement.
too much intro; didn’t watch lol
A good intro is exactly 1 second long
His should be less than that.
>"How many different effects can I combine?"
tell your friend he has to be 18+ to post on 4chan
That's right, because after the first intro we need to listen to the second intro (please like, comment, subscribe, hit that bell...)
After 2nd intro comes the "thanks to this anon shout out"
After 3rd intro is the "promotions, and advertisement part", don't forget to use my code

Then there is a small part of the video with an actual content

and do not make me start on outros.
Intros are shit. "Hi this is [youtuber]" are shit. Just launch into the fucking video, fuck off.
The ONLY reason intros of any kind exist is as a way to show credits, without shitting up the actual presentation, and as a bit of a teaser to show you what's to come if you sit through the whole video

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