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Can you help me anons? Sorry if this doesn't deserve it's own thread, but it's really driving me nuts by this point.
I'm a noob in 3ds max, started it because it's a part of tasks in graphic design, basic environment design and rendering to get pictures and follow up in 2d design. Though only simple things so far. The problem - some time ago my max just fucked up and started failing to extrude polys. I extrude the poly, but it moves in the opposite direction from to where I pull, creating flipped border polys along the way and not duplicating the cap one, just moving the pulled poly. Or it does move along, albeit slowly, like struggling, but yet again creating only sides of the box, not the cap from where I extrude. xView shows no problems except overlapped UVW faces. I tried unwrapping with modyfier to somehow pinpoint them and delete or move, but my max stucks dead in tracks and I have to force close it. I already asked here a couple days ago and got explained that the problem is noob level - polys stacking on each other, making max misunderstand where to extrude. Helpfull anon took his time to chew it apart and even made a gif of how to fix the box with such problem. Sadly I can't get the hidden stacked ones to show, like in the webm. Instead upon deleting the first ones visible, there is just empty space, with no hidden ones. Somehow, with doing it step by step blindly, I do manage to fix the one box I'm working on. Don't know how I caused it all to start.
But the thing I don't get is - why my max keeps creating only fucked up primitives? Resetting scene, starting a new one, even reinstalling Max with wiping everything I can get my hands on doesn't help. Extrude acts the same, every box I create is damaged. Did I press something in preferences by mistake? I was careful to follow simple steps and not "explore" until it crashes.
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And i thought i write my questions too long
I don't use 3ds max, but you should be able to select the face with the move tool, and shift click-drag a new face using the axes.

The problem you have looks like your face normals are inverted. Each flat face only shows in one direction and the normal value is the direction it is pointing. Google how to invert face normals in 3ds max, and find out how to enable Twosided Faces/disable Backface Culling in order to see these faces and fix them.
oh sorry I didn't read the full post

select all the vertices, use the merge vertices tool and just adjust the distance so that only neaby ones will merge and that should fix most if not all of it
What is the prog OP's anon was using? I can't recognize it due to my newfagness, but I'm curious.

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