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File: Gravemaskin5.gif (1.62 MB, 612x434)
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Hi, /3/, I'm new to hard surface modeling, and I'm wondering how you'd retopo something like this?

I have done some sculpting, and in those cases I simply draw geometry on the surface, but how do you retop hardsurface stuff, retaining hard lines and smooth curves properly?
Should I retopo each part by itself?
Should I use the parts as my base for retopo and just remove topology from them?
How do I texture them all together in Substance Painter if they're all separate pieces?

.t retard
File: 1504467026937.jpg (130 KB, 694x1013)
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130 KB JPG
Could you post a 3/4 view of the model, front and back?

It's hard to draw lines on an animation, lel.
File: grav_N1.png (370 KB, 1283x899)
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370 KB PNG
Something like this?
File: 1511294561587.jpg (51 KB, 256x256)
51 KB
Perfect, give me some time, I'll trace you some basic guidelines.
File: 1521983141186_wires.png (368 KB, 1283x899)
368 KB
368 KB PNG
Here you go, I didn't trace everything, but you get the idea.

I think you can approach some pieces by retopoing them directly, and others, like the cylindrical one, by creating a new geometry and placing it. For the Cables, if you can decimate them, with something like Instant Mesh (https://github.com/wjakob/instant-meshes), or rebuild them, as they don't have details to be baked anyway.

Depends on how much geometry you have, you'll get different result while backing.

More geometry=less inconsistencies

Places your edges where you have hard lines, also use smoothing breaks where you separate the UVs.
File: SkullSculpt_retopo1_O.gif (1.99 MB, 655x396)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
I appreciate the effort, but I think perhaps you misunderstood my question. I know how to do manual retopology, and drawing up topology on this wouldn't be "hard" - I'm just concerned that it wouldn't be very accurate and that it'd get a lumpy outline or something.
With something like pic related it doesn't matter much, because the surface is "organic" anyway.
I'm also curious how you bake and texture them, since Substance Painter doesn't allow you to import more than one object to a scene at a time.

Well, if the retopology tool snaps to the surface of the high poly mesh, you shouldn't have any problem, you can manually fix inconsistencies later, inspecting the result with a proper material. If the mesh you used for sculpting is still available and usable, you can start from that.

I don't have Painter, but if it's like Designer, you can import the whole mesh as FBX and then you need to bake an ID map (you can use TexTools, http://polycount.com/discussion/197226/textools-for-blender) so that you can assign different materials to the various meshes.

There are some videos on YouTube that explains the import and baking process.
Ah, an ID map. That sounds like what I need. Thanks, man.
>o that you can assign different materials to the various meshes.
you don't need textools for that
He's talking about making an ID map, not assigning materials to objects.
you don't need sp for that either. but its not a common thing to do in blender
File: 1504617516288.jpg (93 KB, 696x716)
93 KB
>you don't need sp for that either.

I didn't know it was possible to use Substance Painter, without the need to use it.

Read the discussion again.

If you know a quick way to generate an ID map in Blender (without usin TexTools), so that you can import it into Substance Painter (without using it), please, explain.
there are several methods to make id maps in blender. one is simply assigning materials and baking, the other is with vertex colors

if you ask me, just bake the fucker on sp. i just had to point out that you don't need an extra software to do that
If you like its results, you can bake the ID map in Painter too, but at least, in Blender you can assign which colour you want, and where you want it.
Thats a cutie
File: RoboBox_Test1.gif (1.18 MB, 608x396)
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Hey thanks, Anon

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