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I work in Archviz and I'm doing some videos that are more like ads rather than those slow archviz videos. Clients like it more to see some action and quicker cuts, and they like music to go along with it. It works best when its a catchy and well known song that people can relate to.
For reference, I'm going for something kinda like this:

This is obviously not from me, but they do a lot of these vids and they often use music that is most likely not royalty free.
I've searched google and it told me that to use a song like that, you have to get in touch with the record labels or whoever holds the rights, and then buy from them the right to use the specific song you want, which can take months and can be really expensive.

Is there a more convenient way, or do you guys know any way around this? What if my video is not intended for the public and will never be released on the web, but just privately given to the client? What happens if I just download a song and slap it on my video that I will not release to the public, but then the client puts it on his website?
Idk how any of this works and it seems convoluted and complicated as fuck. All the royalty free music I've found is lame as fuck, generic instrumental shit that can not convey any emotion, but I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
Anyone else here in Archviz dealing with this?
Or other 3D people who make showreels and ads?
1. wrong board

2. contact unpopular artists and offer credit / little money
Should I take it to /mu/?
I figured licensing issues might be relevant for 3d artists.

And I don't want some unpopular crap. Popular crap is better.
no, on /mu/ no one gives a shit about boring stuff like licences and laws
give a try on /biz/
/biz/ is just crypto now and nothing else so I doubt they'd know anything
Not sure how much this will apply to you since it doesn’t sound like youre in the US but...

About five years ago we did a product animation for a client. They sent us a link to a stock music site with a few tracks they liked. Our boss had an intern download those tracks, and our editor went ahead and cut one of them into the edit. We deliver the video, client is happy, blah blah blah.

Fast forward to last year and we get a bunch of emails from the client saying they are being sued by the stock music company that owns the rights to the music. The client is expecting us to pay whatever the damages amount to.

Apparently the intern had downloaded some sample tracks that for whatever reason werent behind a paywall or watermarked. No one had actually bothered to pay for the tracks, not us or the client. The client’s video had been uploaded to YouTube, probably got automatically flagged and that’s how the stock music company got wind of it.
Last I heard our insurance company took care of the payment, something like $16,000. It goes without saying that the client hasn’t approached us for any more work lately.

So yeah, if you’re in the US it’s definitely not worth doing anything iffy with music licensing.
There's tons of completely free classical music out there, you're just not trying hard enough.

Moonlight Sonata, Claire de Lune, Adagio for Strings

Sites to search:
Sounds bad, thanks for sharing. Guess I should take this seriously. Right now I doubt that any of my stuff will be released to the public because all of the projects are pretty much classified but yeah I don't want anything to come back to haunt me down the line.

I just wish it would be easier to actually get those licenses for popular songs. When I have 2 weeks to deliver a project I can't really wait 8 weeks for a record company. Maybe I should look into old school stuff, I heard that some songs become royalty free after 25 years or something.

I don't want classical music m8. I don't want my clients to fall asleep. As bad as it sounds, but the best music for this stuff is things that have been in the pop charts at one time or another.
Thanks for the link tho, I will check it out and hope I find some good stuff there.
very nice
Is there a way to check if audio is flagged?
just buy a license for a track from audiojungle or audionetwork.

licensing major pop-tunes is a pain in the ass and it should be done through legal.

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