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Hay guys. I never rigged a IK spine before and I still getting use to it. Is it worth having or should I just go back to a more FK setup?

Also learning how to make a proper upper and lower arm twist, with IK FK controls.


Good luck rat friendo
why not have both? simplest probably is spline IK controlled by clusters with couple expressions to allow it to stretch properly etc
File: whatAmIdoing worng.jpg (234 KB, 1360x768)
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Been following that channel. Mixed results.

>spent all day on this rig.
>learn to like IK spline controls.
>joints an controls stay locked in world space.
>can't find a tutorial that does a IK spine tail humanoid....

I swear I missing something stupid to
Read the book rig it right, it teaches you how to do any situation.
Going to check my account today. If it looks good I will be ordering the book from Amazon tonight. Glad I earned an extra $120 this month.
File: output.webm (1.92 MB, 992x754)
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1.92 MB WEBM
just made a rigify
couldn't change the roll on the bone, any ideas?
File: 6c0d522598[1].png (37 KB, 884x526)
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The goal of the book is to teach you all the fundamentals you would need to be able to rig anything you need to.

The bipedal character it wants you to rig is a crane bird with a long ass neck and multiple feather extensions that you are expected to learn how to give controllers for animation. It also makes it really easy to learn how to do it, thats the best part of the book, its easy to learn from this teacher.

Im a tutorial junky, pic related is my tutorial folder.

I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a crash course in rigging.
Bone roll is changed in the bone properties panel while in edit mode with the bone selected.

You should ensure that bone orientation is correct before skinning.
Do you think Maya is a must for studying that book, or the techniques and principles are more application-agnostic?
>You should ensure that bone orientation is correct before skinning.
this will probably do it, fortunately I havent customized the weights yet anyways
but I couldn't change the roll of the bone, in edit mode - it just reverted

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