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I'm not asking how you could theoretically do this, but exactly what software/animation library people use. The whole web is full of this type of cartoons, it all looks too familiar, meaning so many people cannot have this style of drawing but rather it looks like there is a program that makes it easy to animate and thus produce very similar results. it's not bad but looks cheap because it's everywhere. those meetandfuck porn games or whatever look exactly the same as far as i can remember for example and many other stuff around the web.

Not trying to promote the clip at all.

I'm aware you can animate with adobe flash, after effects, illustrator etc. But this looks like already made stuff/assets.

Many thanks if you can help.
This board is for 3D anon
>It's not bad
Yes it is.
>What Program?
Probably GoAnimate or some other piece of shit.
E flash sau ceva căcat vectorial in pula mea de pulete retard de liceu. Marș cu căcatul ăla de Doi Degeaba.
dati delet la thread si dupa la viata plz
ba pulicilor, lasati dreacu forchanu ca e cel mai toxic loc de pe tot netul. cel putin dintre locurile mai umblate. foarte rar vin aici si doar cand am nevoie, gen acum. Stiu ca nu e 3d. Sunt parti bune pe aici dar dupa cum vorbiti sunteti spalati pe creier de toxicitatea de aici. luati-o ca pe un sfat. Si ca fapt divers sigur ca sunt mai mare ca voi amandoi si nici nu dorm pe 4chan, cum spuneam, il folosesc cand e cazul. Vad pe strada copii ca voi... nu e o generatie rea... mai mult de vreo 21 nu cred ca aveti, cel putin la cum va exprimati... da prea puneti botul la toate cacaturile.
Te cheama reddit inapoi, bre. Ia fa pasi si iesi frumos pe usa.
>el se crede matur
>întreabă cum e facut doi degeaba, un cacat de show, fara sa caute pe net "generic animation software"
lol, dar poți să faci ce zice >>613725 și să kys
lol what is going on in this thread

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