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What's the best way to go about it? Baking isn't an option, I could maybe remove one or two edge loops but it's a wide curve. Pic's how I tackled it, but it feels off.

I'm still having trouble understanding how to best hide seams when it comes to props/environments, it was super straightforward to me for characters but it seems hellish for hard surface on props that'll be seen from all directions.

What's your preferred method of unwrapping? I've been eyeballing Ninja Dojo or UVLayout as ways to streamline the workflow, although I want to make sure I understand the fundamentals correctly first.
seams shouldn't be a problem if you keep a good distance between your islands.

That'd cause pretty ugly seams in the texture though, no? Are seams not considered problematic in these contexts?
Not the same guy, but depending on what program you're going to be using for texturing there are usually seam correction tools. How close will the camera get to this particular asset?
you can hide seams with texture padding, sp and most programs have it by default.
its not perfect, you can try hiding seams in areas where the camera wouldn't focus, but since most seams are in loops that's really hard

It's mainly just a small prop to render for a prop section in my portfolio, or for adding to a scene. I originally made it as a gift for 3D printing and figured I might as well polish it up, but I want to tackle the rest of the process through the context of cleaning up/optimizing my unwrapping/texturing workflow. I can comfortably unwrap basic shapes, but there are still some things I don't fully understand/grasp, and shapes like these are definitely one of them.

Pic of model with camera it's based on. Noticing some issues (handle width, ridges are too intense), but that's an easy fix. Some aspects of it were kept inside the body to make it more print friendly but aren't accurate, but I'm not sure they're really worth the time of fixing. I'll probably model the interior of the aperture since the lens will be transparent for renders.

I was planning on uploading it to Marmoset Viewer, meaning it'd be viewable from all angles.
File: maya_2018-03-21_14-20-35.png (1.33 MB, 2273x1043)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG

pic didn't upload for some reason
The way you unwrapped that corner is fine. Seams are pretty much unavoidable, and though you could take some steps to unwrap that piece without the extra cut in the middle, you couldn't do it without heavily warping your faces or having a very awkwardly-shaped island. The seam is a small price to pay to keep your UV islands straight and clean, which is also gonna help a ton with baking and texture mipping if this is a game prop.

Any program with projection painting (such as Substance Painter or Mari) will let you paint over the seam in such a way it'll be basically impossible to see unless a user zooms waaaaay the fuck in. At which point they'll start to see the pixellisation from your texture, so that kind of stuff doesn't matter anyway.

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