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File: VaderTest_01.jpg (32 KB, 749x707)
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So I'm just modelling the Ep3 variant of Darth Vader's helmet; I'm trying to composite it into my filmed back plate but I have no idea the official scale of the real helmet. Does anyone know any of the official measurements? Or if not know where I can find it? Thanks

P.S criticism welcome
looks pretty dope, myb you should try asking around other boards because the question isnt rly 3D art related.
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It's kinda hard to say, since Vader was played by three different actors of different height, with some using stilts and at some times camera tricks were used to make them seem taller and imposing, so we can only really go by the official amount of about 2m tall including the armor. The best you can do is find some graphs or photos, set the scale to be 2m from his feet to his head, and measure the size of the helmet. In reality I'm sure several helmets of varying sizes were made.
Okay thank you, this helps alot

Do you have higher rez version of that pic senpai?
Try reverse image search, I'm on mobile and my device doesn't seem to load big images.
There are official costumes you can buy, I had one (from like the 80s) but I lost in the move and couldn't give you the measurements
Yeah I thought about getting one because they seem pretty awesome too, but they are pretty expensive though so might not be worth it atm
do your own art, stop fanarting shit. There's a thousand vader helm models.

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