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I'm born again but forced into pirating 3D Coat and using it to make and sell porno because society hates people like me and I can't sell burgers. Does anyone have any tips for raising money on patreon in such situations?
Many here probably in the same position, except the gay religous stuff.

Target a certain fanbase and give them exactly what they want, simple as that.

The key is you actually have to make the shit and get it to them in a decent format.
Where is that model from?
Nvm found it. Too bad there is no animation with that model
Is that a chaos beastman for Blood Bowl?

wait for

and get a following on iwara, and maybe naughtymachinema.

Don't bother with pornhub.

Also take pride in making smut... it's not demeaning, you can get some nice following.
I had this really small dream since I don't even remember when to make smut and sell it on dlsite. I would seriously rather become a 3d Shadman, than some guy in the "true CG industry"
>Target a certain fanbase and give them exactly what they want, simple as that.
How does one find a fanbase? I'm interested in doing this but don't know how to even get it started.
You have to mix a little of this, a little of that

For me, I became the IT GUY at a major studio but quit and left the AAA to pursue a 3d porn career where I could simulate all my own cum
Patreon requires you to send tax documents and shit to them, you'll most likely end up losing your unemployment fees. So unless you are going to get a thousand dollars per month with your porn, don't bother.
>I'm born again
as what ?
as a human centipede ?
watch out or you will reincarnate as a dung beetle
you can easily get $1k a month just with nicehash
You'd be lucky to get 100$ a month with a beefy high-end rig.
i literally have 2 titan v's, a 1080 ti, a 950, and a 750 ti mining for me 24x7. No need to save for rent anymore. Nice little family.

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