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I want to create my own version of VeggieTales, the popular kid's Christian tv show. This has been done before in an episode of SNL http://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/tv-funhouse-veggie-tales/2872744?snl=1 but only in short clips. I want to emulate the show perfectly and that means using the original software that big idea studios did. They used a version of Softimage3D from the late 90s as far as I can tell. Obviously, this show would be adult oriented and would be going for a sketch comedy. I have no plans on trying to this show bought or anything, just a passion project for my own self-enjoyment. Does anybody have tips on where to get started with softimage3D? Where to download old versions of this software. Places for reference material and what not? Ideas for VeggieTales skits?
>potato character
>mentally retarded
>asparagus character
holy fuck this is the dumbest thing you could put your time and energy into. Just...please...don't. Fuck, I should've give as much of a fuck as I am but this whole idea is a terrible life choice dude. Stop while your ahead and invest in something more worthwhile
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cgpeers.com has cracked versions of the original SI|3D, version 3.7 or 4.0. They only work properly under Windows NT. Mental Ray will crash even on XP and the UI acts weird. It also needs 4:3 resolutions to run.
why would you need to use the same software as them? you can still use maya's legacy software renderer in the latest version if you want that dated CGI look. there is most likely nothing done in that software that can't be recreated just as easily if not easier in modern software.
can you make it for adults?
I guess not as on-the-nose

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