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Downloaded Cinema 4D few days ago then I watched this vid, looks so amazing, but I'm still here modeling a cup of glass filled with water...This is very inspiring but I fill like it requires so many skills to do something good

Any tips ?

It starts one day at a time anon...

Do this shit every single day until you burn out and can't stand it. Take a break for a few weeks and stew over the idea that you're never going to be good/your life is meaningless. After those few weeks, get yourself together and sit down and try to get something done. Then rinse and repeat the whole process.

You should also invest in patience. Because it's going to take you years, maybe even decades to reach that level in the video. But that's okay! Anything is possible if you put your mind to it but honestly, you need to be realistic about it too. 3D is really not something you learn overnight. (That literally goes for any skill. Ever hear the phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none"?) Keep being inspired though. Wake up every morning and eat, sleep, and breathe your tutorials. Eventually, something will click, and you will start to get something that didn't make sense before. Your workflow will be faster, you will find and discover new tricks. Pretty soon, you can model, animate, and produce anything you want.

But it starts one day at a time.
And don't visit this board too much. Like, there is some useful advice that can come up but this board is just a giant time sink and toxic as fuck. Go be better than the shitposters and trolls here. Go be better than the people on reddit, or cgforums. Go be better than the people on artstation.

But get the fuck off this site if you want to actually be successful and productive.
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Not OP but good fkn advice gents.

When i first burnt out i didn't know what it was, i dedicated my life to 3D and thought it was time to sepuku.
But when the motivation came back and i actually made models from concept to completion the feels was superb.

Now to get my lewd sex game complete and make tons of monies... hopefully.
...in that note I just wanted to mention that the projects in OPs video are made by studios, groups of people. Literally hundreds working on the same thing. So don't push yourself too hard knowing you're just one single person.

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