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A V-Ray license costs twice a RenderMan one. Is it worth it?

Also, what’s the deal with the low pricing of V-Ray for Blender in comparison to Maya/Max? Is it less capable?
V-Ray is a dead meme, my studio completely switched to Redshift. Its also cheaper.
the only shit i see using redshift is children's cartoons...
Can you post examples of those productions? I am interested
V-Ray + Max is considered the standard for architectural rendering, but I've never bothered to use Blender nor Renderman, so I'm not sure what the differences are.

You do realize V-Ray has GPU/hybrid rendering now, right?
I can understand the "cheaper" part, but I think V-Ray looks better, check out this thread here: http://forums.newtek.com/showthread.php?153303-Render-Engine-Battle-vray-octane-redshift-arnold
There is also a video on youtube where a guy renders a race car that exhibits the same thing: Redshift looks more bland and muted most of the time.
something tells me that rendering engines are akin to religions

If you think any render engine "looks better" than another one you are simply retarded.

That's 100% down to the artist. Redshift is faster than VRay, even if you use their new GPU rendering. We have to have fast turnaround times, Redshift is the only choice.
I think that Blizzard used V-Ray, Redshift and Renderman for their cinematics and it seems Redshift and Renderman are their defaults now. I may be wrong so please don't call me retard.

What a clueless moron. You're just like the idiots who say game engines all look the same.

There are so many comparison pictures of render engines on the internet, if you can't see a difference you're blind or even more deluded than a blendlet or a unreal drone.

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